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China showed eye to India, USA flare



The US has taken an important decision to end the arbitrariness of rising China in Asia. America is now going to reduce its forces in Europe and deploy in Asia.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that in view of China’s growing threat to India and South East Asian countries, the US is going to reduce the deployment of its troops in Europe and deploy them in the right places.

Mike Pompeo when asked why America is withdrawing its forces from Germany. In response, Pompeo said that there are no US forces in Germany because they are being sent elsewhere.

Rajasthan-Maharashtra government bans coronil


Remove negative energy from home, do this remedy




It is believed that the same house in which we live also has negative energy, which is not true at all.

Therefore it is important that we remove or destroy negative energy from our home.

There are some measures that can destroy the negative energy in our house. The rules which are as follows –

* Keep your house, house roof and places around the house clean.

* In the morning and evening lights of the house should be lit by lighting fumes in every corner of the house.

* Spray Ganga water at important places, secluded places and corners of the house. Open the window in the east direction of the house and allow fresh air to come.

* Make a fresh start with positive energy. According to Vastushastra, make windows in the east direction of the house.

* Decide yourself mentally that you are going to do all this to overcome negative energy.

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