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China posted video showing India fear of hydrogen bomb



Even after 20 Indian jawans were deceived in Galvan in Ladakh, the Chinese government newspaper Global Times has started showing fear of hydrogen bomb to India.

China has probably forgotten that if it has a hydrogen bomb, India also has a stock of atom bombs. Even if India has promised the world not to use the Atom Bomb first, but if China dares, India will not back down from teaching it a lesson.


Global Times posted a video of the hydrogen bomb test in 1967, stating that these hydrogen bombs are for self-defense and that their country is firm on the principle of not using nuclear weapons first. Global Times wrote, “Today, in 1967, China successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb. China diligently works on the nuclear strategy of self-defense and maintains the policy of not using nuclear weapons first. ”

According to a report, India has 150 nuclear weapons and China has 320 nuclear weapons. China has increased 30 nuclear weapons in the last one year, while India has added 10 atom bombs to its stockpiles.

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Magha Purnima: know the religious significance & worship time




The Magh Purnima date is on 27 February Saturday. Magh Purnima Tithi has special significance in Hinduism. On this day, bathing in the holy river and performing charity will attain salvation. According to Hindu belief, those who bathe on Magh Purnima get happiness and good fortune and child happiness. On Magh Purnima, donations, havans, fasts, and chanting are done. Let’s know about Magh Purnima Tithi Muhurta and its importance.

Magh Purnima originates from the name of Magha Nakshatra. It is believed that during the month of Magha, the gods come to earth and take human form, bathe, donate and chant in Prayag. Therefore, it is said that taking a Ganges bath in Prayag on this day fulfills all desires and attains salvation. According to the statements written in the scriptures, if there is Pushya Nakshatra on the day of Magha Purnima, then the importance of this date increases further.

Magh Purnima 2021

Magha Purnima starts – 26 February, Friday evening from 03:49 minutes.

Magh Purnima ends – 27 February, Saturday afternoon till 01:46 minutes.


  • On the day of Magha Purnima, one should bath in any holy river, reservoir before sunrise in the morning.
  • After bathing, chanting Surya Mantra should be offered to the Sun God.
  • After bathing, one should worship Lord Madhusudan by taking a vow.
  • During the mid-day, poor people and Brahmins should be given food and give alms.
  • Sesame seeds and black sesame seeds should be given exclusively to charity.
  • Havan with black sesame seeds and Pitras with black sesame should be offered in the month of Magha.
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