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People are dying in this country not because of Corona, but of this



The mental condition of many people imprisoned in their homes in lockdowns is now beginning to distract. Strange fears, instability, stress, and a strange way of worrying about the future have made people so depressed that their minds have started getting surrounded by thoughts like suicide.

More people in Thailand are dying of suicide than in Corona. Thailand’s local media has reported several cases of suicide over the past few weeks.


In most cases, people are being forced to take their own lives after getting fed up with the economic situation. Most people in Thailand depend on tourism.

But after the lockdown due to Corona, the tourism sector has completely collapsed. This has surrounded the uncertainties of the future and is taking steps like suicide.

Thailand ranks high in the world due to uneven distribution of income, as well as this country has the highest suicide rate in Southeast Asia.

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Public interest litigation has been filed in the Supreme Court in the case of encounter of Vikas Dubey




Public interest litigation has been filed in the Supreme Court in the case of encounter of gangster Vikas Dubey. The petition calls for an investigation into the role of the UP police.

However, the petition was filed in the court late Thursday night, in which it was feared that the encounter of Vikas Dubey was done.

Ghanshyam Upadhyay, counsel for the petitioner, said that he would demand a hearing today. The petition filed in the Supreme Court sought to protect Vikas from the encounter.

Apart from this, there has also been a demand to register an FIR in the case of demolition of Vikas’s house, mall and hand over the investigation to the CBI.

The petition said that it appears from the media report that Vikas Dubey himself informed the guards at the Mahakal temple. He himself arrested the Madhya Pradesh police so that he could avoid the encounter.

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