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Ladakh celebrates ‘1st Independence Day’ after being declared UT



LEH: Days after Ladakh became a Union Territory, the people of the region celebrated India’s 73rd Independence Day with joy and fervour. A video shared by news agency ANI, showed BJP MP from Ladakh Jamyang Tsering Namgyal dancing and playing drums with the locals in celebrations.

He hoisted the national flag at the party BJP office in Ladakh along with party leader Ram Madhav. Earlier this month, the Centre removed the status of Jammu and Kashmir that was earlier under Article 370 and split it into two Union territories. While Jammu and Kashmir has been made into one union territory with a legislature, Ladakh has been made into another, without a legislature.

Banners were hanging along the roads of the town bearing slogans like “UT of Ladakh celebrates its 1st Independence Day.” Namgyal, in a series of tweets said the tricolour hoisted in each house of Ladakh shows patriotism of the people and commitment for India.

Performances by students were a delight to watch at celebrations. The whole atmosphere in Ladakh was filled with patriotic fervour and unity.

The entire atmosphere was filled with patriotic spirit and unity. So, we decided to celebrate Independence Day in traditional Ladakhi style through the beating of the Daman and surna. These celebrations are just a trailer for the development of New Ladakh”, he said in another tweet.

In another tweet, he said, “On the occasion of Independence Day, we celebrate the martyrdom of our heroes. We paid our respects to the 4 young heroes who laid down their lives agitating for the UT status for Ladakh”.

He also shared pictures of Buddhist monks in Twitter, hosting national flag at his native village Matho.



SBI aims to eliminate debit cards to promote digital transactions




Mumbai: The State Bank of India is planning to end the ubiquitous usage of debit cards from the banking system. “It is our wish to eliminate the debit cards, and am sure we can eliminate them,” said SBI chairman Rajnish Kumar on Monday while at the annual FIBAC, a banking conclave organised by the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) and industry body Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI).

A fifth of the population relies on the debit card service of this largest lender. In Spite of this huge reliance, SBI plans to promote more digital payment solutions and eliminate the plastic cards. The chairman of the bank Rajnish Kumar noted that there are around 90 crore debit cards in the country as against the 3 crore credit cards. He added that in order to achieve a debit card-less country, there are digital solutions like the bank’s own ‘Yono’ platform. With the aid of the Yono platform, customers can withdraw cash at the automated teller machines or pay for purchases at a merchant establishment without having a card at all, noted Rajnish Kumar.

Pointing out that virtual coupons are the future, Kumar said that the will be less usage of plastic cards in the next five years. Currently, there is the QR code which is a very inexpensive way of ensuring payments.


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