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Indian security personnel captured a Chinese soldier in the Chumar-Demchok area of Ladakh.



The People’s Liberation Army soldier might have entered Indian territory ‘inadvertently’ and that would be returned to the Chinese army as per established protocol after following due procedure. The soldier is in the custody of the Indian Army and Indian agencies are probing whether there was any espionage involved, according to the report.

A Chinese army soldier was apprehended by the Indian security forces in Chumar-Demchok area of Ladakh on October 19, and initial reports suggest that he was carrying civil and military documents.

The PLA soldier has been identified as Corporal Wang Ya Long.

“The PLA soldier has been provided medical assistance including oxygen, food and warm clothes to protect him from the vagaries of extreme altitude and harsh climatic conditions,” a statement by the Indian Army said.

“A request has also been received from the PLA about the whereabouts of the missing soldier. As per established protocols, he will be returned back to Chinese officials at the Chushul – Moldo meeting point after completion of formalities,” the statement added.

According to a report by news channel India Today, the soldier was captured in the morning with civil and military documents.

The development comes ahead of the eighth round of Corps Commander-level talks between India and China, which is likely to take place this week.

According to the reports, the focus of these talks will be on carrying forward discussions on the disengagement process in eastern Ladakh as the region enters the harsh winter season.

There was no breakthrough on the disengagement of troops from the friction points during the seventh round of talks on October 12.

India has all along been maintaining that the onus is on China to carry forward the process of disengagement and de-escalation at the friction points in the mountainous region.

The situation in eastern Ladakh deteriorated following at least three attempts by the Chinese soldiers to “intimidate” Indian troops along the northern and southern bank of Pangong lake area between August 29 and September 8, leading to shots being fired in the air for the first time at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in 45 years.

In the last three months, the Indian Army rushed tanks, heavy weaponry, ammunition, fuel, food and essential winter supplies to various treacherous and high-altitude areas of the region to maintain combat readiness through the harsh winter of around four months starting around mid-October.


Citizens very satisfied by living standards in Lucknow: EoL Survey 2021



Lucknow: The state’s capital performance was ranked ‘satisfactory’ by citizens with Lucknow claiming 26th spot out of 49 cities under the category of population above 10 lakhs in Ease of Living (EoL) survey. However, citizens are not very happy with services provided by Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) in the city.
As per the survey report issued by Union ministry of housing and urban affairs, Lucknow secured 55.1 out of marks in EoL survey coming under the green category ‘Satisfactory’. However, citizens gave two ‘Need improvement’ and one ‘Poor’ remark to municipal corporation for their services.
In EoL survey, there were total of four parameters including Quality of life, Economic Ability, Citizens Perception and Sustainability.
The parameter ”Quality of Life’ evaluates overall safety and security, affordable healthcare, recreational facilities, livelihood opportunities and access to financial services.  Lucknow received 51.3/100 (Satisfactory) under the parametre.
Similarly in citizens perception, several questions relating to affordable and quality education, quality of drinking water supply, adequacy of public transport, affordable electricity, quality of air and overall cleanliness were positively  answered by the citizens giving Lucknow highest 82.4/100 marks (Satisfactory).
The criteria of Sustainability involved a poll asking citizens to tell about life expectancy of services provided by government organizations. Lucknow was awarded  54.8/100 (Satisfactory) under the category. However, citizens of Lucknow rated their economic ability or purchasing power very low resulting in city receiving only 10.05/100 (Poor) under the parameter.
The performance of LMC can be termed poor looking at the numbers received by the civic body. LMC was ranked 33rd out of total 49 cities participating above 10 lakh population category.
Civic body received 58.5/100 (Satisfactory) under ‘Finance’ category, which meant citizens were happy with the investment conducted by municipal corporation in respective projects. Similarly the municipal corporation, received 58.2/100 (Satisfactory) under the category of “planning’ evaluating about the execution of projects done by the civic body.
However, as soon as the execution of projects is completed and its time to provide the ‘Services’, locals have decreased the positive response giving only about 48.3/100 (Need improvement) to the civic body. The numbers have also been decreased under the parametre of ‘Governance’ with LMC scoring about 31.02/100 (Need Improvement). While, poor remark has been received by the municipal corporation under the category of ‘Technology’ getting about 23.8/100 marks (Poor)
Municipal commissioner and CEO Smart City Limited Ajay Dwivedi said, “I have not seen the results as of now,  but we will analyse the outcome and work to improve on those areas which we are lacking.”
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