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US visa ban or Iran Tanks may affect Indian Crew mostly



Washington: The US is gravely disappointed with the UK after a Gibraltar court allowed the release of an Iranian tanker suspected of hauling oil to Syria, and threatened sanctions against ports, banks and anyone else who does business with the ship or its crew. US officials said the court order rewards Iranian terrorism and Tehran will interpret the action as appeasement.

The court’s decision Thursday to release the Grace 1 was a missed opportunity and the Trump administration hopes that the UK government and authorities in Gibraltar will reconsider. The Grace 1 had been held in Gibraltar after British forces seized it last month on suspicion that it was hauling Iranian crude oil to Syria. The U.S. Department of Justice is seeking to block the vessel’s release, but the Gibraltar Supreme Court on Thursday said American authorities hadn’t filed the appropriate legal application.

The two administration officials said the Grace 1 should now be considered a pariah. Anyone that does business with the ship, its crew or its owners, or provides financial transactions or port services to the vessel could be liable for evading U.S. sanctions, the officials said. Iran said the ship wouldn’t sail to a sanctioned destination and is now rushing to return it to international waters before the U.S. finds a way to prolong its six-week detention.

That warning seemed to be part of an American effort to persuade the Grace I’s crew, most of who are from India, not to return to the ship. “The maritime community should be aware that the U.S. government intends to revoke visas held by members of such crews,” Ortagus’s statement added.


4 family members including Anupam Kher’s mother and brother have also been found corona infected




Four people, including Anupam Kher’s mother and brother, have also been found to be corona infected after Amitabh Bachchan and his son Abhishek Bachchan were found to be corona positive.

Anupam Kher gave information about this by tweeting on Sunday morning. Anupam told in the video that his mother Dulari was ill for a few days.

He told that on the advice of the doctor, he got his mother’s blood test done, in which everything turned out well. The CT scan was subsequently performed and then confirmed by mild (mild) Covid-19 positive.

After this, Anupam and his brother Raju also got their corona test done. Anupam was found negative in the report while his brother’s test result was found to be mild Covid-19.

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