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Rape, abortion and forceful religious conversion, Shocking case of Jihad emerges from Baghpat in UP.



A shocking case of Grooming Jihad has emerged from Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh where a Muslim doctor allegedly raped a nurse, made her pregnant and then forced her to convert to Islam. As per a report by Navbharat Times, the Muslim married doctor working in a private clinic got into a romantic relationship with the nurse in the hospital and raped her for seven months after promising marriage. He then put up condition of religious conversion for getting married to her. The nurse is six months pregnant.

He had allegedly hidden his religious identity as well as the fact that he was married and already has two sons. As per report she has said she was also kept confined forcefully for months.

As per the report, the woman worked as a nurse in private clinic. The doctor hid his religious identity and befriended the woman. He claimed that he was a divorcee and proposed to marry her. He had been in a physical relationship with her for past seven months. He allegedly even made an intimate video with the woman. Whenever she would bring up the topic of marriage, he would show her the video and shut her up, she alleged. After she got pregnant, the doctor tried to force her to abort the child. When she refused, he allegedly beat her up and forced her to convert to Islam.

She further alleged that when she met the doctor’s wife on Tuesday, she kicked her pregnant belly and also tried to induce abortion. This worsened her health. Somehow, she managed to escape the clutches and reached the police station to file a complaint.

The woman has further alleged that the Muslim doctor had made all preparations to get her to convert to Islam. He had allegedly even prepared a fake Nikahnama (marriage certificate as per Sharia, the Islamic law).

As per the report, the woman was initially married in 2012. However, due to some issues, she got divorced. Since then she had been working in the hospital. There she came in touch with the Muslim doctor who claimed to be a divorcee himself. He had said he had a son. However, the truth came out only when she became pregnant.

The police have arrested two people in the matter. As per a statement released by the police, two people have been arrested in the case. The accused’s wife and his brother are arrested while the main culprit is still absconding. A case has been registered under relevant sections.


SC says: Delhi Police will decide to enter farmers in Delhi.



The Supreme Court on Monday told the Centre that it is for the Delhi Police to decide whether to allow farmers to enter Delhi or not. The top court stressed that it is the Delhi Police who have the authority over the issue and not the Supreme Court.

A bench headed by Chief Justice S.A. Bobde said “we have not taken charge of the matter except one issue…apparently our intervention has been grossly misunderstood. We are not going to tell you about your powers.”

The observation from the top court came after the Attorney General K.K. Venugopal said the Centre is seeking restraint orders against farmers from entering Delhi as court has taken charge of the matter.

The Chief Justice said it is not for the court to decide how many farmers should be allowed in the city and the nature of conditions to be imposed on them.

The top court insisted that Delhi Police are the only authority to decide it and not the court.

Advocate A.P. Singh counsel for Bhartiya Kisan Union (Lokshakti) submitted that farmers were willing to hold peaceful protest at Ram Lila Maidan.

The Chief Justice replied: “Who should be allowed and who not, and number of people will be dealt by the police. We cannot be first authority to deal with it.”

The Delhi Police have moved the top court seeking direction to restrain farmer unions from conducting tractor rally as a method to disrupt the Republic Day celebrations.

The AG insisted before the top court to issue directions to restrain farmers from disrupting the Republic Day parade, the Chief Justice replied “Does the Union of India want the Supreme Court to tell that you have powers under the Delhi Police Act.”

The top court will conduct further hearing on the matter on Wednesday.

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