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Mini Lockdown:Know how and how long the shops will open?,New Guideline released in Lucknow.



The increasing cases of corona virus in Uttar Pradesh are not stopping. The Yogi government has now introduced a ‘mini lockdown’ to prevent the infection from spreading. Under this, now shops and markets will open in the entire state from Monday to Friday. Except for essential commodities and economic activities, there will be complete lockdown on Saturday and Sunday. DM Abhishek Prakash in the capital Lucknow has released a new guideline to open shops and markets in the city.

According to DM Abhishek Prakash, under the new arrangement, shops will now open on the formula of Odd-Even. The shops are divided into green and orange colors. Merchants will have to install green and orange stickers at the shops.Shop, which will have orange sticker, will open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Shops with green stickers will be open only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Apart from this, the opening time of shops has also been reduced. Earlier shops were opening till 10 o’clock, but now the opening time of shops and markets is from 9 am to 8 pm.

As per the DM Abhishek Prakash order, all goods in malls, multi-stored business establishments and departmental stores have to be covered with transparent polythene. Incoming customers will be allowed a limited number of entry only after regular sensitization. As per the order, the customer will not be allowed to touch any goods after entering the mall, department store or multi-story business establishment.Whatever goods the customer prefers, the goods will be given to him after paying the bill with the help of the staff present there.


At the age of 16, this boy started the clothing business, earned 9 crore rupees in just one year




At the age of which most boys do not even think what they want to do in their life, at that age this boy has shown the work that most people can only dream of.

The name of this boy is Dillan Bhardwaj, who became a millionaire at the age of just 16.

He became a millionaire at the age of 16. He started designing clothes from the home garage which proved to be a hit. Due to this he became the owner of the clothing chain Ratchet in the same year and he earned around 9 crores in the first year.

Her clothing line dress has been worn by stars like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. With this success, his lifestyle also changed. Today Dhillon lives in a 42-acre bungalow. His bungalow has a lot ranging from 5 living rooms to three kitchens, a tennis court, cinema, gym and 20 bedrooms.

Not only this, they have about 20 luxury cars. This includes everything from Rolls Royce to Ferrari, Lamborghini and BMW. Today Dhillon has shops in Long Eaton, Broadmarsh Center and Sheffield.


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