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Bharat Bandh has became so easy that any one could call



Bharat Bandh

For the first time in the history of the country, it happened that the sensation of a closure of the nationwide on Tuesday is called without the invocation of any famous organization. This Bharat Bandh was called after the 2nd April’s SC/ST Act’s provision dilution protest in which a huge crowd of Dalit protestors from Northern India called for Bharat bandh. This time it was again called against the Caste Reservations in studies and jobs. However, the biggest impact of this Bharat Bandh is being seen in Bihar. Many places there kept on fire and also crowds jammed the road, and stopped railways. During this, dozens of people got injured.

The protest went more violent in Aara Nagar police station. There was a violent clash between supporters and protesters in Anandnagar area in which firing from both sides is being done. During the protest In Hajipur, Union Minister Upendra Kushwaha was caught in the jam and also mistreated by the protestors. While in Gaya a district of Bihar, protestors attacked the police in which several policemen were injured after which the police had to do Lathi charge. The police also left the tear shells to control the crowd.

The Bharat Bandh is not showing much effect in other parts of the country. Earlier on Monday, the Home Ministry also came forward and issued an advisory to all the states to keep security chalking and prevent violence and also instructed the District Magistrate and SPs that if any violence or damages occur, then all the responsibilities will be on their head.

Bike rally in Rajasthan on Bharat Bandh

After the 2nd April’s violence which affected Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh mostly, the central government has increased the securities in such states. Mobile Internet services have also been temporarily banned in Rajasthan for security reasons. In this regard, Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) NR K Reddy said that in view of the call of the bandh, prohibition was imposed under Section 144 of CRPC in Jaipur city. He also said that mobile Internet services have been discontinued in Jaipur for the next 24 hours from Monday night. Administrative officials have been instructed to keep an eye on the situation. Reddy said that due to the imposition of Section 144 in Jaipur, restrictions have been imposed on the rally, procession or any other public event. Apart from this, it is also feared that any anti-social element can attempt to dissolve the peace system between the appeal of the shutdown, so, all the district collectors and police forces have been instructed to deal with such elements strictly.

Internet services are banned in Hapur

Internet service has also been banned on the lines of Jaipur in Hapur district of western Uttar Pradesh. Simultaneously, paramilitary forces have been deployed in the state in terms of security. Although on April 10, the government has not formally announced an official declaration for the shutdown, due to the violence on April 2, the government and administration are not seen in the mood to take any risk.



Prime Minister Modi wishes nation on 71st Republic Day




New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday morning extended his warm wishes to Indians on the occasion of India”s 71st Republic Day.

Prime minister took to Twitter to convey his greetings: Wishing everyone a happy Republic Day. Greetings to all Indians on this occasion. Jai Hind!”

Earlier on Saturday, President Ram Nath Kovind and Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu greeted the nation. While Kovind invoked Mahatma Gandhi, Naidu reminded Indians of discharging Indians their conditional duties.

“It should be part of our daily routine to introspect on Gandhiji”s message of truth and non-violence, which has become all the more necessary in our times,” said Kovind while addressing the nation.

Meanwhile Naidu asserted, “Let us pledge to faithfully discharge our constitutionally mandated Fundamental Duties and be responsible citizens who will be proactive partners in the nation”s development.”

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