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Permission of Muharram procession across country denies:Supreme Court.



The court observed that granting general directions to take out the procession across the country shall lead to chaos and a particular community may then be targeted for spreading the virus.

Supreme Court has refused to hear the petition seeking permission for the procession of Muharram across the country. The court said that everywhere the local administration decides according to the situation. No order applicable to the whole country can be given.

Shia religion guru Kalbe Jawwad had filed a petition in this case. To hear the matter, Chief Justice SA Bobde was placed in a bench headed by him. The lawyer appearing on behalf of the religious leader said that the procession should be allowed to be taken, taking full precaution. The way Rath Yatra was allowed in Puri. The Jain community was allowed to visit the temple during Paryushan. The same should be done in this case also.

On this, the Chief Justice said, “was to be held in only one city. It also knew where the journey would start and where it would go. In this case, processions are to be held all over the country. Nothing is clear from which city the journey will start and where it will go. How can we give any order applicable to the whole country without listening to the state governments? It is better to let the administration take the decision everywhere. ”The court also said that only three Jain temples were allowed to be opened in Mumbai even during the period of Paryushan. Only 5 people were allowed to go there at one time.The lawyer requested the court to consider the case stating the religious significance of Muharram. But the court said, “You are not understanding our problem. No single order can be given for the entire country. If the procession is ordered everywhere, the situation can be uncontrollable. People’s health may be in serious danger. Tomorrow, people will accuse a particular community of spreading corona. Such a situation cannot be allowed. ”

In view of this approach of the Supreme Court, the petitioner said that Lucknow has the highest population of Shia community. At least the Supreme Court should allow the procession to take place there. On this, the Chief Justice said that if the matter is only to take out a procession in Lucknow, then the appropriate place of hearing on this is the Allahabad High Court. You can go there


PMO confirms big reason,Why Coronavirus vaccine in India may not be delayed?



ICMR and Department of Biotechnology have conducted two studies on Genome of SARSCoV-2 regarding the mutation of virus.

Coronavirus vaccines are under trial in India and other countries as well. However, some recent global studies regarding mutations in the virus have raised concerns over its impact on the effectiveness of vaccines. However, in a recent announcement by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Centre said there is no major mutation in viral strain in India, implying that the vaccine development and its efficiency will not be impacted.

As per the statement, the country’s top clinical body- ICMR and Department of Biotechnology have conducted two studies on Genome of SARSCoV-2 regarding the mutation of virus.

“Two pan-India studies suggest that the virus is genetically stable and there is no major mutation in the virus,” PMO said. It is to note that when a virus replicates, there may be some changes in the new strains that have formed. This is known as mutation. Therefore, any vaccine developed for it will have to keep a tap on the possibility of mutation.

The statement came after a review meeting was chaired by PM Narendra Modi regarding the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine delivery, and its distribution and administration preparedness. Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had also made a statement regarding the same saying that there have not been any significant or drastic mutations in the Coronavirus strains in India so far. According to him, ICMR has been working on conducting a large-scale sequencing of strains that have been identified in India over the last few months. The council will be ready soon with detailed results on viral mutations. The Health Minister also emphasized that small changes will not be able to impact the development of COVID-19 vaccines.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s Office also noted that three vaccines in India have reached the advanced stages of development. Out of these, two are already in the second phase of human clinical trials and the third one is in the third phase. Further, the PMO said that PM Modi has stressed that “every step in the logistics, delivery, and administration should be put in place rigorously. It must include advanced planning of cold storage chains, distribution network, monitoring mechanism, advance assessment, and preparation of ancillary equipment required, such as vails, syringes.”

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