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PM Modi said this big thing for China in radio program Mann Ki Baat



Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the country today through his monthly radio program Mann Ki Baat.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had tweeted on Saturday that he should listen to the Mann Ki Baat program at 11 am on Sunday. This is the 66th edition of the Mann Ki Baat program.

Let’s know what he said during this time –

The Prime Minister said that if a challenge comes in a year or fifty, the number is less, that year does not get worse.

The history of India has been to win over the disasters and challenges, and to get more sparkling.

For hundreds of years, different invaders attacked India, people believed that the structure of India would be destroyed, but India became even more grand with these crises.

The country is also dealing with the challenges that are happening by some of our neighbors. Indeed, simultaneous disasters, disasters of this level, are rarely seen.

At the eastern end of the country, Hurricane Amfan came, then Cyclone nature came at the western end. In many states, our farmers are troubled by the attacks of siblings and if nothing else, small earthquakes stop in many parts of the country.


High rain alert in Mumbai, 34 roads have been completely closed




People have been upset due to rain in Mumbai. Due to continuous rains on Wednesday, many areas were flooded, disrupting traffic.

The situation in Mumbai is that in just 12 hours, the Colaba area of ​​Mumbai got so much rain as it had not in 46 years.

On Thursday, there is an alert of strong rains in Mumbai and strong winds have been said.

Due to rain, 9 state highways, while 34 roads have been completely closed due to rain in Kolhapur.

Also, about thirty trees have fallen together in Churchgate area, due to which the road has been completely blocked. Removal of these is going on by BMC.

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