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Organizers cancel 2020 New York auto show.



Organizers said Friday they were canceling the 2020 New York auto show that had previously been pushed back until August, citing the ongoing corona virus pandemic and the venue’s use as a field hospital.

The show, which was initially set for early April and is typically used to unveil new vehicles, was set to take place at the Javits Convention Center. However, the center is now being used as an active hospital and is in standby mode for the foreseeable future, organizers said.

The next New York show will take place April 2-11, 2021. A string of auto shows have been canceled this year and some automakers — like Toyota Motor Corp — are opting to hold virtual unveiling’s of new vehicles.

Mark Schienberg, president of the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, the organization that owns and operates the 120-year-old New York Auto Show, noted that automakers and their exhibit partners needed “immense planning” to construct a show. “Because of the uncertainty caused by the virus, we feel it would not be prudent to continue with the 2020 Show,” he said.

Detroit’s auto show that had been set for June was canceled in March. The Paris Motor show scheduled for late September/early October in March was canceled as were auto shows in Geneva.

A major event for luxury car unveiling’s, the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, California, was also canceled. Beijing’s 2020 auto show was postponed until September.

Auto shows are often visited by potential new car buyers but cost tens of millions of dollars to put on. Many automakers have rethought whether they still make economic sense amid the pandemic and have scaled back the number of shows they take part in.




MG Hector is India’s first Internet car, Car with an exhaustive feature.



British automaker’s MG Hector is India’s first Internet car that brings an exhaustive feature list, besides offering a marvelous driving experience. With its next-generation iSMART technology, the MG Hector has captured the imagination of the Indian auto enthusiasts.

MG Hector’s iSMART is equipped with an industry-first embedded M2M SIM that ensures that the car remains connected at all times. The connected mobility solution is 5G ready and can be accessed via the infotainment system. With 50+ connected features, the solution offers an enhanced driving experience. From an intuitive user interface to over 100 voice-powered operations, the MG Hector can adjust so much more than your current car.

The smart car solution has been built in collaboration with some major technology companies from around the world. The smart car platform differentiates MG Hector from some of its biggest rivals in the market.

Adding another feather to its hat is the first in Industry Over-The-Air updates which allow the Hector to get updated anytime anywhere just like your smartphone. You don’t have to drive down to the dealership every time your car software needs an upgrade. The feature is highly beneficial considering how we’re slowly adjusting to a new normal, with contact less solutions being chalked out.

MG Hector recently received an OTA update that has on boarded 5 new and impressive features to the car. These include:

1. A new Chit-Chat feature will let you talk to MG Hector while you’re driving. Now, you never have to feel alone in your car. For example, you can simply ask, “How Am I looking today? “, and it’ll respond with ” Seat belt looks great on you “. Or you could ask, “Hello MG, can you play a song?”, and it’ll respond by playing your favorite song.

2. A brand new iSmart grey color theme for the infotainment screen. If you want to change the look and feel of the user interface on the MG Hector, you’ve got a new color theme to play around with.

3. If you use the Gaana app to play music in the car, you can now control playback using voice commands. You can play or pause music, skip to the next track or the previous one, or stop music completely using just your voice. This makes it much safer to drive around, while still enjoying your favorite music.

4. Another bonus for Gaana app users, you can now download 100 songs instead of just 10. Go ahead, make your long drives even more worthwhile.

5. You can now set a custom welcome message in MG Hector with an increased limit of 100 characters. The next time you want to surprise your loved ones, set up a custom welcome message when they get inside the car. This feature would also work great for birthdays and anniversaries.

There’s no doubt that MG Hector is the car of the future. Its iSMART next-gen technology delivers safe, fun and connected experiences with newer updates coming in every few months, making it always ahead, always updated

Go say ‘Hello MG’ today to experience India’s first Internet car.

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