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HOLI 2020! Host The Most Amazing And Fun Holi Party At Home



If you are hosting a Holi party at home, first make your walls stain-proof and then decorate the open area with flowers and colourful dupattas, suggest experts.

David Teng, General Manager at Decorative Paints, South Asia Cluster, AkzoNobel India; Pramitha Maria Roche, Assistant Design Manager at; and Vibhor Jain, Director at ArgentOr Silver, have given a few inputs:

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* It is advisable to remove all the stains from the walls by using a damp cloth.

If this does not work, then simply roll over the dirty spots on the exterior walls with the same paint colour.

To reduce the noticeability of the brush strokes on the wall, try to move the brush in multiple directions, working from the centre outward in each direction.

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* Since removing colours and stains from wooden furniture is a tedious task, cover all your home furniture with old bedsheets and curtains to protect the beauty of your furniture.

The main gate of the home is also susceptible to colour stains with the arrival of guests to play Holi. The oil coating will keep it stain-free and you can wipe off the doorknob with water and soft cloth.

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* For decorating your home for the Holi party you plan on hosting, use colourful dupattas to braid and hang them in order to make your threshold look bright and welcoming.

* Pick up beautiful floor patterns (rangoli) which are made using bead works and paper from the market for that instant splash of colour.

* Decorate your abode with flowers which will liven up the ambience.

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* If you are passionate about drinks and love to experiment with it, then creating a home bar should be on your to-do list. Silverware bar accessories will help you to create a space that’s original, functional and striking enough that will highlight the centrepiece of your home.

* Just as the vases are the centrepiece of the living room, so is the dining table of the dining room.

* A candle holder can be placed as a centrepiece on a beautiful table runner.

Life Style

Women and men also have some fears associated with bonding




Everyone needs to have a female or male relationship, but among this need there are some fears related to the relationship between men and women.

Today we will tell you what women are most afraid of while making a relationship.

Many women shy away from having sex while naked. Women are often hesitant about being naked by a partner.

They fear that what will happen if their partner does not find their body attractive? Will their partner fall in love with them as much as they love them or get away? But women should understand that love is not just physical but also spiritual.

So women should not think about these things while making a relationship. Some women do not want pregnancy for a limited time.

But if she does not really become pregnant, then she hesitates with sex. At the same time, many women are most afraid of the new partner’s new experiment.

There is also this fear in her mind that if she refuses for this experiment, then her partner will not get angry.

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