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Ratan Tata shares his ”Throwback photo”; Internet loves it



New Delhi: Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata on Thursday took to his official Instagram handle and posted a ”Throwback picture” from his Los Angeles days.

He posted the image with the caption, “I was going to post this yesterday, but I was then told about ”throwbacks” and how they occur on Thursdays. So here is a throwback from my days in LA, not long before I happily returned to India. #throwbackthursday”

The post has garnered 2,40,000 likes and 2,800 comments so far on instagram.

A user wrote, “Perfect balance of purpose, vision, and a brilliant sense of humour. You rock Sir.”

Another wrote, “Hahaha the caption, you are an amazing human being man much love.”

A fan gushed, “You have such distinct spark in your eyes! Wow…”

A post read, “Sir u r beautiful from inside and as well outside sir.”

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Life Style

Women and men also have some fears associated with bonding




Everyone needs to have a female or male relationship, but among this need there are some fears related to the relationship between men and women.

Today we will tell you what women are most afraid of while making a relationship.

Many women shy away from having sex while naked. Women are often hesitant about being naked by a partner.

They fear that what will happen if their partner does not find their body attractive? Will their partner fall in love with them as much as they love them or get away? But women should understand that love is not just physical but also spiritual.

So women should not think about these things while making a relationship. Some women do not want pregnancy for a limited time.

But if she does not really become pregnant, then she hesitates with sex. At the same time, many women are most afraid of the new partner’s new experiment.

There is also this fear in her mind that if she refuses for this experiment, then her partner will not get angry.

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