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Love without sex: can it work?



Love relationship is a feeling which connects two people by heart, they understand each other very well; love to spend time and many more. Love is a very special feeling which brings people close to each other physically and emotionally. Everyone wants to get their true love in their lives. People say that true love does not need any physical affection or sex because true love is something which connects two souls.  Many say that sex is overrated in relationship while many say that sex or physical intimacy is important.  Love is so pure thing and sex is a basic need in it that cannot be judged by saying that sex makes love impure. But most of the time people judge purity of love by intimacy, many thinks that if people do sex in their relationship then their love is not so pure that relationship is considered as lust not love!

But the real thing is that in between two partner sex and physical intimacy is very important to show their love and feelings to each other. It helps in strengthens the bond between the couple.

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Know why sex and physical intimacy is important?

It reduces stress:

Physical intimacy in relationship helps in lower down the blood pressure as well as gesture like hugging or hand-holding triggers the release of oxytocin.  Oxytocin reduces the stress responses of brain; this hormone also helps in lower down the anxiety.

Intimacy helps in building trust between the pair:

Trust is very important part of any kind of relationship and it builds by time. When two people trust each other they feel fear less, share their feelings with each other.  Two people when get intimate their brain releases oxytocin which makes people more trusting.

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Physical intimacy is an expression of love:

Intimacy is a foremost way by which people express their love. Those relationship which lacks physical chemistry and affection mostly fails. Physical intimacy is very important in relationship.

It boosts your immune system:

Intimacy make you physically as well as mentally fit. It affects directly to your immune system. People who are active in their sexual life their body releases antibodies which are responsible in fighting against viruses and germs.

Health benefits:

Getting intimate regularly lowers downs the risk of developing prostate cancer in men. Many studies revealed that cuddling with your partner gives you better night sleep.

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Live longer:

People who enjoy their sexual life are having many chances to improve cardiovascular health and even they have possibility of lower osteoporosis.

So friend’s physical intimacy does not only mean sexual connection but it is more like emotional connection and no one can judge anyperson’s true love by saying that if anyone is having physical relationship then they do not truely love each other.


A happy wife secret to longer, healthier life



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Is your wife a cheerful person? If yes, then you are more likely to lead a healthier and longer life as compared to those who have less happy partners, reveals a new study.

The study, published in the journal Psychological Science, suggests that having a happy spouse not only leads to a longer marriage but also a longer and healthier life.

“The data shows that spousal life satisfaction was associated with mortality, regardless of individuals’ socioeconomic and demographic characteristics, or their physical health status,” said study author Olga Stavrova, a researcher at Tilburg University in the Netherlands.
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For the study, the researchers studied about 4,400 US couples, aged over 50.

They observed that spouses’ life satisfaction was an even better predictor of participants’ mortality than participants’ own life satisfaction.

“The findings underscore the role of individuals’ immediate social environment in their health outcomes. Most importantly, it has the potential to extend our understanding of what makes up individuals’ ‘social environment’ by including the personality and well-being of individuals’ close ones,” said Stavrova.

“People who have a happy, active spouse, for example, are likely to have an active lifestyle themselves,” noted Stavrova.
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The researchers pointed out that a partner’s life satisfaction may have important consequences for health and longevity.

“If your partner is depressed and wants to spend the evening eating chips in front of the TV — that’s how your evening will probably end up looking, as well.”

The study’s findings showed that greater partner life satisfaction was linked to participants’ lower mortality risk.

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