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Now you can reach Thailand from India through this road route map



India, Thailand, Holidays, Summer Holidays, Travelling, Lifestyle news, Offbeat news

New Delhi: Attention all readers, if you guys are planning to make a trip to Thailand from India then in coming future you will reach you destination in no more time as a road map has been developed through Asian Highway Number 1 that will lead you to Bangkok.

In no time you’ll be dumping all those pricey flights to Thailand from India and planning a wondrous road trip! Don’t be surprised as the Myawaddy-Thinggan Nyenaung-Kawkareik section of the Asian Highway Number 1 connecting India and Thailand via Myanmar is functional now, making it all possible.


India, Thailand, Holidays, Summer Holidays, Travelling, Lifestyle news, Offbeat news


Planning trip to Thailand from India here is road route map for you all:


Bangkok, undeniably, is one of the most favoured foreign destinations for Indians to travel to and with this super highway in action now, footfall from India is expected to increase by leaps and bounds.

A road trip scores over air travel because of another factor; the picturesque mountains in the northeast as well as the splendid pagodas in Bagan and Yangon that you can witness enroute, making each minute of this journey memorable.


India, Thailand, Holidays, Summer Holidays, Travelling, Lifestyle news, Offbeat news


Some of quick facts for the rout:

* The construction of this Asian Highway commenced in the year 2012 with the support of Thailand government.

* The Myawaddy-Thinggan Nyenaung-Kawkareik section is a 25.6 km-long stretch.

* Once this trilateral highway is completely functional, it will lessen the travel time between Thinggan Nyenaung and Kawkareik from three hours to only 45 minutes.

* This super highway will connect Moreh (Manipur) in India to Thailand’s Maesot through Myanmar’s Tamu, Mandalay and Myawaddy.

* The highway is a division of the East-West economic corridor of the Greater Mekong Sub region.


India, Thailand, Holidays, Summer Holidays, Travelling, Lifestyle news, Offbeat news


Important information for non-Indians:

* Carry one recent photograph (4×6 cm)

* Visa application form should be completely filled

* Valid passport or travel document

* Carry enough cash (Myanmar Kyat) to pay road tax or for any other emergency

Documents required for Indians:

* Valid passport

* Visa application form

* Two recent colour pictures (35mm x 45mm) taken against white background and not older than 3 months

* Carry a photocopy of credit card and also past 6 months statements of credit card

* Last 6 months bank statement will also be required with original bank seal

* A minimum balance of INR 20,000 per person

* Original currency exchange slips of at least USD 500/person/week with applicant’s name


India, Thailand, Holidays, Summer Holidays, Travelling, Lifestyle news, Offbeat news


Here are some things to keep in mind:

* Make sure to apply for a visa on arrival online before entering Myanmar. Here’s the link

* Fill in the Travel and Health documents required for the trip.



After 5 century, today the resolution of 135 crore Indians is fulfilled : Yogi Adityanath




The Bhoomipujan program for the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya was completed today.

The ‘Bhoomipujan’ for the proposed Ram temple in Ayodhya started at 12.30 pm today, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed ‘Shila Pujan’, ‘Bhoomi Pujan’ and ‘Karma Shila Pujan’.

After the land, PM Modi is going to address the public. Earlier CM Yogi said that the resolution was completed after 5 century. Yogi said that the Prime Minister resolved it democratically.

UP CM Yogi Adityanath said that after five centuries, the resolution of 135 crore Indians is being fulfilled today.

The temple is being constructed in the country along with democratic methods. Many generations have passed by waiting for this watch.

CM Yogi said that due to the understanding and efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the resolution is being fulfilled today.

We started the program of Deepotsav in Ayodhya three years ago, today it is being proven.

The UP CM said that the work of Ramayana Circuit was started on behalf of the government, as well as development work is going on in Ayodhya.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has had a long connection with the Ram temple. Three generations of Gorakhnath temple have been associated with Ram temple movement.

The talk of Ram temple movement cannot be complete without Adityanath and his guru.

The Gorakhnath temple has taken the lead on many occasions in the battle of the temple.


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