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Portal on radiation status of mobile towers soon



Jaipur,mobile, mobile towers, mobile radiation, web portal, science , technology, health,Jaipur:  To allay the fears of the general public on mobile tower radiation, the Department of Telecom (DoT) will unveil a portal soon to check radiation compliance status of towers, Union Minister Manoj Sinha said on Saturday.Speaking at an awareness programme organised here on Electromagnetic Field Emissions and Mobile Towers, the Union Minister of State for Communications told media persons: “The portal — Tarang Sanchar — is expected to be operational by next month.”

With its help, people will be able to check the current status of a mobile tower located anywhere in the country as well as its electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions signal compliance status.However, it does not come free as a fee would be charged for the test of a particular tower.”The tests are usually conducted on random basis by us, but if someone wants a particular tower tested, then it can be carried out for a fee,” Telecom Secretary J.S. Deepak said at the event, organised under the aegis of the Ministry of Communications. According to Deepak, a fee of Rs 5,000 would be charged for conducting an on-demand test of a specific tower. The awareness programme was part of a nationwide programme to facilitate the Digital India initiative.


If you are troubled by unemployment, start this business




Nowadays unemployment is a common problem of every educated people. If seen, this country is the biggest problem. In today’s current situation, every educated person, after completing his studies, wanders in and around the job, but does not get his job.

If you too are suffering from unemployment problem then the news is for you. You can open your own business and earn up to 2.5 lakh rupees every month, leaving the dream of the job you want.

You must have seen that now in almost every function in the village or city, people use paper cup plates. In such a situation, you can earn millions of rupees every month by doing business of paper plates. For this, you need a capital of 10 to 12 lakhs of rupees and 200 to 300 yards of space.

Explain that in this business, each cup plate will save 25 to thirty paise. According to the city’s wholesale sellers, the city currently sells four lakh cups daily. 75 percent of them are paper cups. The remaining 25 percent are selling plastic disposable cups.

Information on paper cup making machine manufacturers will be found on the Internet. The type of machine you want to install, its details and the contact number of the seller and the size of the machine, production capacity etc. are all written.

Create a project report for setting up the industry. If you want to finance a bank for your industry, get your industry registered on the website of MSME (Micro Small Medium Enterprises). After this you can apply for finance in the bank. This will help in getting loan.

Paper cup making machine is found in many cities including Delhi, Hyderabad, Agra and Ahmedabad. How many cup making machines do you want. Ask for the machine accordingly. If financed, then the machine will come through the bank, its payment will also be through the bank.

A. Khalil Rahman, the manufacturer of paper cup making machine in Delhi, said that the price of an on-average machine is Rs 7.25 lakh. Which makes three thousand cups of small size per hour. It costs 35 paise to make a small size cup. Which you can sell from 50 paise to 60 paise.


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