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A total of 1.04 crore doses of Corona have been awarded so far in 34 days




So far, more than 10 million people have been given vaccine doses in the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus. This includes 70.52 lakh health workers and about 33.97 lakh frontline workers.

Union Joint Health Secretary Mandeep Bhandari said that a total of 1.04 crore doses of Corona have been given to the beneficiaries so far. Of these, 70.52 lakh doses have been given to health workers and 33.97 lakh doses to frontline workers. He said that health workers included 62.95 lakh who took the first dose and 7.56 lakh who took the second dose. Since the second dose is being given only to those who have taken the first dose, in this way, the total number of health workers who are vaccinated is 62.95 lakh.

He said that 41 people needed to be hospitalized due to adverse effects so far in the vaccination campaign. Of these, 25 people have been discharged from the hospital and two are still undergoing treatment, while 14 have died. After vaccination, 34 people have died so far, out of which 20 people have died out of the hospital. However, the ministry also says that no deaths are related to the anti-corona vaccine.

Mandeep Bhandari said that the first dose of the vaccine has been given to 75 percent of registered health workers in 12 states and union territories. These states include Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Tripura, while in seven states and union territories including Delhi, and Punjab, the figure is less than 50 percent.


“Uttar Pradesh is prepared for the next wave of Covid-19”: CM Yogi Adityanath



Asserting that his government is prepared for the next wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said the monitoring committees have become active amid reports that the third wave will affect the children more.

Adityanath said the monitoring committees have begun dividing the children into four age groups, adding the vaccination of adults has also been intensified. The Chief Minister claimed that Covid-19 was curtailed in the state earlier in September last year.

“Deepotsav was organized in Ayodhya in October last year. We kept on asking the people to maintain a distance of two meters and wear masks. In Uttar Pradesh, only 85 cases were reported one day. But we kept on increasing the testing,” he said during an interaction with Indian Express.

Adityanath had earlier this month flagged off a distribution drive of medicine kits to children below the age of 18 years.

Asserting that a good prevention system is a crucial weapon, the Chief Minister then said that the children below 18 years of age have been divided into four categories — 0-1 years, 1-5 years, 5-12 years, and 12-18 years — adding different medicines have been prepared for each category.

The monitoring committees have been asked to visit villages and carry out door-to-door surveys to identify children and others with Covid symptoms.

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