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You can avoid many major diseases by adopting a balanced and healthy lifestyle, know tips



A balanced and healthy lifestyle plays an important role in preventing and curing lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer, osteoporosis, heart attack, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver and polycystic ovarian disease.

Balanced weight is the first step towards health. Instant eating, comfortable eating due to stressful environment, work all day, zero size has spoiled balanced weight and overall diet.

Less than 6 grams of sodium should be taken. Trans fat, which is found in vegetable ghee, is harmful to the heart and enhances the bad by reducing good calostral.

Heart patients should avoid it. White bread, flour, rice and sugar etc. should be consumed very less. Eat whole grains, green cereals and oat meal.

Public Health England has released a new EatWell guide which includes more fruits, vegetables and starchy carbohydrates and less sugar.

The new EatWell plate includes more fruits, vegetables and starch, carbohydrate and less sugar dishes and holgrens.

Dishes containing sweetened beverages, high fat, salt and sugar have been removed and stated that it is not necessarily part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Adults 6 grams of salt and 20 grams of saturated fat for women and 30 grams of sugar daily for men is enough. Consume sugar and sweet drinks and confectionery sparingly.

Adults should take six to eight glasses of water per day, low-fat milk and tea and coffee without sugar.



Corona cases increasing, government advises all states and UTs to take precautions




Corona cases are increasing once again in the country; keeping in mind the government has become cautious. Along with the constant precaution, Corona guidelines are also being emphasized. In this context, Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla has written a letter to states and union territories to extend the Corona Guidelines by 31 March. In this letter, all the states said that to remove the epidemic completely, caution and strict monitoring needs to be maintained.

Urging the authorities to ensure compliance with the guidelines issued for the corona epidemic, Bhalla said that all activities have been permitted following the standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued by the concerned administrative ministry and department. He further reiterated that there would be no restriction on persons and goods for trade along the borders of neighboring countries.

The official said, ‘As you know, the number of active and new cases in the country has come down drastically in the last few months. However, to remove the epidemic completely, caution and strict monitoring are required to be maintained. ‘

For the past several days, cases are increasing in Maharashtra located in the country. The state government is also cautious about this. Instructions have also been given to show the Corona Negative Report to the people arriving there. This state is the most infected in the country. At the same time, India remains the second-most infected country in the world, whereas the first-ranked country is the United States.

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