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Learn about some fitness tips to improve the working woman’s health



On the one hand, the passion of becoming a successful woman brings new energy to her, on the other hand she almost forgets herself while playing the responsibility of home and children. In such a situation, she ignores her health somewhere.

Due to lack of time, she does all the work she needs, but she does not have time for herself. In such a situation, in the absence of her own care, she is able to sit on many types of diseases.

Today we will tell you about some fitness tips to improve the working woman’s health –

Keep yourself active – If you work for long hours in the office, then get into the habit of getting up in between. You can use the stairs instead of the lift. If it is too late while working on computer, then stand for some time.

Storage healthy food – Place roasted chickpeas, peanuts, corn at home and office. Always keep multi grain biscuits, energy bars and some fruit salad with you. Be it your home or office.

Take time out for exercise – Make a habit of taking time out for exercise in your very busy routine. Do any type of strength training twice a week for 20 minutes. You can go for a walk or cycling on weekends. You can walk for a while after eating food in the evening.

Eat oats and muesli – Do not forget to have breakfast in the early morning rush of office. Place oats and muesli for breakfast. This will be complete food for your breakfast. Eat them with yogurt, milk or fruit juice. They are best for both taste and health.

Prefer baked goods – Make away from fried things and prefer baked products instead. Similarly, eat fresh things instead of frozen. Cookies, Chocolate, Burgers, Bathurries, Rice or Snacks that say no to things made with fine flour.

Make yourself flexible – To make yourself flexible, you make a habit of getting up more and more on the ground and sitting, bending or working. This flexibility will bring into your body. Go to the gym whenever you want. Do a workout in the right gym for half an hour.


Corona cases increasing, government advises all states and UTs to take precautions




Corona cases are increasing once again in the country; keeping in mind the government has become cautious. Along with the constant precaution, Corona guidelines are also being emphasized. In this context, Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla has written a letter to states and union territories to extend the Corona Guidelines by 31 March. In this letter, all the states said that to remove the epidemic completely, caution and strict monitoring needs to be maintained.

Urging the authorities to ensure compliance with the guidelines issued for the corona epidemic, Bhalla said that all activities have been permitted following the standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued by the concerned administrative ministry and department. He further reiterated that there would be no restriction on persons and goods for trade along the borders of neighboring countries.

The official said, ‘As you know, the number of active and new cases in the country has come down drastically in the last few months. However, to remove the epidemic completely, caution and strict monitoring are required to be maintained. ‘

For the past several days, cases are increasing in Maharashtra located in the country. The state government is also cautious about this. Instructions have also been given to show the Corona Negative Report to the people arriving there. This state is the most infected in the country. At the same time, India remains the second-most infected country in the world, whereas the first-ranked country is the United States.

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