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First period of women is directly related to their health, know how



Do you know what age ‘menstruation’ started when you were first time. If you do not remember this much then you should remember, just try to remember because with the period of women, why it matters so much.

By the way, let us tell that the normal period of women starts in 10 to 14 years, some of them also have periods up to the age of 15 or 16 years. But the first period of women is directly related to their health.

According to a survey, on the basis of the first period, it is determined how likely the woman is to get from a heart disease to a dangerous disease like cancer in the future.

According to a research done in a magazine, a woman who has a period at the age of 13 has a very low risk of heart attack, hypertension, heart stroke.

Whereas the first period occurs at the age of 10 years, the risk of heart diseases is up to 27 percent.

At the same time, women having the first period at the age of 12 years are more at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

According to a survey published in another magazine, the period is directly related to the immunity of a woman’s insulin, which later decreases her immunity and the insulin production in the body is less than other women.

It was mentioned in a survey that women who have periods start at the age of 10 years or around. They also increase the risk of complications during pregnancy.

In this situation, there is a risk of preclampsia and if left untreated, it can prove to be dangerous for both the mother and the child.

The US magazine ‘Epidemiology’, after researching about 600 women around the age of 35, concluded that women who get their first period early are more likely to get thyroid cancer at age 35 or earlier.

Women who have a period of 17 years or later have a bone density deficiency, so they are more at risk of fracture as well as osteoporosis.

Women who have a period of 17 years or later have a bone density deficiency, so they are more at risk of fracture as well as osteoporosis.



Doctors in UP warn those wearing dubious ‘Corona cards’




 Doctors are now warning people against wearing ‘Corona cards’ available in the market that ‘promise’ safety against the Coronavirus infection if worn around the neck.

Dr. Kamala Srivastava, a medical practitioner in the state capital, said, “I am shocked that the government has not bothered to ban the sale of these Corona cards that come with fancy names like ‘Shut Out Corona’, ‘Corona out’ and ‘Go Corona’. These cards have not been approved by any medical authority and we do not know what is inside. Some of them smell like camphor.”

The cards are worn around the neck, claiming to provide a protective shield against the virus. These are worn around the neck like the identity cards.

Dr. Vikas Mishra, associate professor, G.S.V.M. medical college in Kanpur, said there is no word or guideline about such cards from either the ICMR or the WHO.

“People are happily wearing these cards and moving around in crowded places which exposes them to the infection. Believing that any unverified and untested product would save one from the virus is foolishness and also exposes people to the danger of catching the infection,” he added.

Medical stores are earning a handsome amount and owners say these cards are selling like hot cakes. The price range of these cards varies from Rs 75 to Rs 130, but people are purchasing them without knowing whether they are really beneficial or not.

Vikram Singh, a medical store owner, said he himself does not know what is inside the card as it is fully packed and gives out a camphor-like smell.

“The sales have gone up dramatically since the past two months. We are now selling 50 to 60 cards every day, even though there is no expiry date on them,” he said.

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