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Every person working in this company earns 50 lakh rupees annually



In today’s time, every person wants to get good income for whatever work he does. May that life be a life of comfort. Have fun and stay entertained.

* Every person’s annual income is Rs 50 lakhs

But do you know that there is also a company where every person working on it has an annual income of Rs 50 lakhs. Yes you heard it right This is a company where the boss of this company reduced his income and raised his income to Rs 50 lakh per annum for every man working in his company.

* The gambling he played five years ago was beneficial

It was in 2015 when the boss of a card payments company in the Australian city of Seattle set a minimum salary of 70 thousand dollars, or about 50 lakh rupees, for his 120 employees. To do this, the company’s boss had reduced his income from one million dollars, or about seven crores. It has been five years now and this man is still taking a low salary. The man named Dan Price says that the gambling he played five years ago was beneficial.

* Valerie tells him how his life has remained

Actually Dan was taking a trip to the mountains near Seattle with his friend Valerie. Then his friend told such a thing that he got upset. On the go, Valerie tells him how his life has remained a pang. His landlord has increased the rent by $ 200 and is not able to meet the daily expenses.

* How much contrast in the world

Price says, “She is such that service, respect and hard work define her personality.” Valerie was earning 40 thousand dollars, or about 29 lakh rupees every year, but she could not get a house of her own in Seattle. She was Price was unhappy at how odd the world was. Suddenly he realized that he himself is part of the same problem. Price became a millionaire at the age of 31. His company Gravity Payments has around 2000 customers and is valued at millions of dollars. He created this company when he was a teenager.

* Decided to change the situation

Price was earning $ 1.1 million (about eight crore rupees) a year, but his friend Valerie realized that his staff would also be struggling. He decided to change these circumstances. Dan Price is very positive and polite, but he is one of the most powerful voices in the United States to rise against inequality.

* Society, greed in its culture

He says, “People are struggling with hunger, being fired from jobs or facing exploitation. Just so that one can find a luxurious apartment in a high tower in New York, where he can rest on a sleeping chair. We are promoting greed in our society, our culture.


PM Modi say’s India set to double oil refining capacity in five years, earlier than expected.



  • Our aim is to increase the share of natural gas by 4 times this decade, says PM Modi
  • PM unveils various facilities at the 8th convocation of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar,

India is working to double its oil refining capacities in the next five years, announced Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the eighth convocation of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) on Saturday.

Addressing the graduating students of the University, the Prime Minister said stated that the coming decade will see massive investments flowing into the oil and gas sector creating ample opportunities for energy professionals. A Total of 2,608 students, including 467 PhDs, received their degree certificates at the con 8th Convocation. At the first convocation, which is against the 132 students had received degree certification the first convocation.

“Friends, as you step into the industry in this Covid-19 times, there are infinite possibilities for employment. In this decade, just oil & gas sector will see lakhs of crores of investments. We are working to double our oil refining capacities in the next five years. In this decade, our effort is to increase four times the share of natural gas in our overall energy requirements,” Modi said in his E-Convocation address delivered via video conferencing.

Modi also stated that the government’s policy focus will remain on strengthening the start-up ecosystem in the area of energy security for the country. “India has set a target to reduce carbon footprint by 30-35 per cent%. Also, work is on to develop start-ups involved in to ensuring the country’s energy security. For professionals like you, a special fund has been created to incubate your ideas, products or a concepts,” Modi said.

Lauding India’s rapid advancement in the solar energy space, Modi also stated that the ambitious target to achieve renewable energy generation of 175 Gigawatt (Gw) by 2022 will be achieved much before the deadline, while another landmark of 450 Gw will be achieved before the 2030 deadline. “This is the a result of a conviction with a clean heart,” Modi said.

Mukesh Ambani, the President of the Board of Governors of PDPU and Chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd, who presided over the function, and gave an insight into the future possibilities in the energy space. He said stated that India must be prepared to answer the questions on how to produce the growing amounts of energy that India would need to sustain the economies without harming the environment.

“By the middle of the century, the world will use twice as much energy as we use today. In the next two decades, India’s own per capita energy needs will be more than twice as much as today.”

To achieve the goals of becoming a super power and also a super power in green and clean energy, India will need disruptive solutions in renewables, low carbon and carbon recycle technologies.

“We need breakthroughs in new energy sources such as green and blue hydrogen. We need solutions and innovations in energy storage, saving and utilization. As a person from the energy business, I assure students that you are entering an exciting future,” Ambani told the gathering in his address.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, who was also present through virtual mode, stated that with institutes like PDPU, Gujarat is becoming a global hub for professional education. “Not just infrastructure facilities but (with) also the right ecosystem for education in the areas of petroleum, maritime, and railways, we see an increased interest from global students to study in Gujarat.”

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