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Some relief with conditions from April 20 in lock down.



The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued guidelines for the second phase of lockdown. In this, the government’s effort to run the wheels of the economy along with the convenience of farmers is clearly visible. The government has also put forward a roadmap for the fight against Corona with conditional waivers in some areas from April 20. The Ministry of Home Affairs has made it clear that no exemption will apply in the coronated areas. After a new case of Corona arrives in an area, the exemption will end there.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the extension of the lockdown to May 3. In line with PM’s announcement, the Home Ministry has issued a detailed guideline to allow conditional and limited economic activities from April 20. The additional secretary of the ministry, Govind Mohan, made it clear that the exemption does not mean relief from lockdown. Lockdown will be strictly followed in the affected areas.There will be a conditional exemption only in areas where no corona cases have been found or the Health Ministry has declared it a corona-free zone. In areas where there will be relaxation, people will inevitably have to apply masks while keeping physical distance. National and international flights, railways, public transport, taxis, autos, rickshaws, buses and metro operations will remain closed.The APMC market in Mumbai has been partially opened to wholesalers. The administration has created barricades to maintain physical distance.

No relaxation will be available in areas with corona infection.Ministry of Home Affairs issued guidelines for the second phase.

Masks out of the house have been made mandatory for all.

People of exempted companies will be able to go to duty by private vehicle also.

Only the driver will be allowed to sit on a two-wheeler ‘In the four-wheeler, a person can sit in the rear of the driver in addition to the driver.

Keep these things in mind now in the war with Corona.

Dairy, fisheries as well as tea, coffee and rubber plantations will work.

MNREGA approved in view of irrigation and water conservation works.

Production will start in rural areas with limited workers in industries Road, irrigation, building construction. permission in villages untouched by Corona Permission to open dhabas and repairing centers on the highway.  Construction work can be done in cities with local laborers.

 IT and related sectors will also be able to start work with 50 percent workers.

E-commerce companies and vehicles carrying their goods will also be able to run.

Companies based in export based SEZs will be exempted from work.

Discounts to people associated with bank branches, ATMs and related IT and other services.


Ambedkrait society gets a dedicated social media video app on 130th birth anniversary of Baba Bhim Rao Ambedakar



Lucknow: On the eve of 130th birth anniversary of Baba Bhim Rao Ambedakar, a digital social platform named ‘Baba Shots’ was launched for the entire Ambedkrait society on Wednesday.

Launched with an mission to awaken the society through entertainment and to spread the thoughts of Babasaheb to the country and the world. Baba Shots is a short video presenting app.

The producer-director Sanjiv Jaiswal, who launched the app said that now this country has its own social media platform for crores of Ambedkritis through which we will be able to spread Baba Saheb’s ideas far and wide. People who believe in Baba Saheb is spread across the world will be able to organize on one platform.” Sanjiv added.

Director Sanjiv Jaiswal has called upon the youth of Dalit society to download this app from Google Play Store in maximum number, create and share videos. Make the whole world realize your power by making Baba Shots the world’s no.1 shorts video social media app.

The app works on the line with several other social media performing apps like tik tok, MX Taka-Tak and Instagram reels.

The producer – director Sanjiv Jaiswal became recognized in the Dalit society only after the controversy that arose after the film Shudra – The Rising. Millions of the world’s Ambedkerite had supported them, then they were able to release Shudra film in the Theatres. Sanjiv Jaiswal says that this Baba Shots social media app is our loving gift to all those Ambedkritis. Those who supported us, gave us so much love and respect. Not only that, we have continuously done a lot of work on the history of Dalit society since the Shudra.

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