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Taliban Bomb kills 32, hits Afghan Bus



Afghanistan: A passenger bus travelling to the Kandahar-Herat highway hit a “Taliban roadside bomb” in which at least 32 have been reported dead and 17 majorly wounded said Muhibullah Muhib, the spokesman for Farah province.

The passengers were travelling on Wednesday by the passenger bus when suddenly the bus hit a object and exploded into pieces. Most of the passengers could not survive the attack. Among the dozens of passengers mostly were women and children.

A member of Afghan security force inspects the site of Sunday’s attack in Kabul, Afghanistan


No immediate confirmation was giving regarding the attack. Taliban operators operate in that area frequently and it is suspicious that they may be ones behind the attack. Earlier they have tried to target government officials on the roadside but not many cases of passenger hits have come in limelight.


Casualties were dropped to 27% as that of last in the first half as compared to the last year, which was a record, but still 1366 were killed and 2446 were injured in the year 2019. It has also been said that United States and pro-government forces caused more civilian deaths than the Taliban and other armed groups for the second quarter running.

Farooq Barakzai, a spokesman governor confirmed that they have raised the security at the toll and will rise further in coming few days.


Unnatural diet, lack of exercise and a poor lifestyle can affect the human’s aging process




Unnatural diet, lack of exercise and a poor lifestyle can affect the human’s aging process.

US researchers have warned this. The ‘senescent’, one of the cells that increase the lifespan of humans, plays an important role in age-related diseases and conditions.

Researchers have found that it prevents the accumulation of premature aging and also protects against harmful effects caused by unnatural diet.

Senior author Nathan LeBraser from ‘Mayo Clinic’ in the US said, “We believe that unnatural diets and poor lifestyles accelerate the aging process of humans at both biological and clinical levels.”

In their research, researchers did training on mice. In which one group of these mice were provided with a healthy diet and the other group was given food like ‘fast food’.

This test resulted in fatal changes in health parameters in mice eating things like ‘fast food’. In which several symptoms were seen such as increasing their body weight, increasing their flesh to 300 meters.

After this, half of the mice in both groups of both types of diet were exercised daily, which showed a change in their body.

Nathan said, “It doesn’t mean that you need to run in a marathon, but we need to find new ways to increase our activities to stay healthy.”

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