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In stress? Remember your romantic partner and keep BP down



Having a romantic partner present — even in your mind — can help you keep blood pressure down in daily stressful situations, say researchers.

When faced with a stressful situation, thinking about your romantic partner may help keep blood pressure under control just as effectively as actually having your significant other in the room with you, according to a study by University of Arizona psychologists.

“This suggests that one way being in a romantic relationship might support people’s health is through allowing people to better cope with stress and lower levels of cardiovascular reactivity to stress across the day,” said psychology doctoral student Kyle Bourassa.
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“It appears that thinking of your partner as a source of support can be just as powerful as actually having them present,” Bourassa added.

For the study, published in the journal Psychophysiology, 102 participants were asked to complete a stressful task — submerging one foot into 3 inches of cold water ranging from 38 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Researchers measured participants’ blood pressure, heart rate and heart rate variability before, during and after the task.

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The participants, all of whom were in committed romantic relationships, either had their significant other sitting quietly in the room with them during the task or they were instructed to think about their romantic partner as a source of support during the task. In third scenario, they were instructed to think about their day during the task.

The effect on blood pressure reactivity was just as powerful whether the partner was physically present or merely conjured mentally.

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“The findings may help explain, in part, why high-quality romantic relationships are consistently associated with positive health outcomes in the scientific literature,” said Bourassa.

If replicated, the findings could have implications for those facing everyday stressful situations, the researchers added.


Don’t do these 4 things after having sex, otherwise the relationship with the partner will be spoiled




Physical relationship is very important in the life of every married couple. Life seems incomplete without it.

But after forgetting some things couple forget and they have made some mistakes which they should not do. Today we are going to tell you some such things that you should not forget even after intercourse.

1-Sleeping immediately after sex- Sleeping immediately after sexual intercourse is not good for your relationship. It is better that you talk to each other for a while before sleeping. This will strengthen your relationship and you will be able to keep your partner happy.

Do not take a quick shower – do not go for a shower immediately after intercourse. If you do this then your partner may feel lonely. Instead, it will be more romantic if you take a shower with your partner.

3- Do not talk / message on the phone – If you talk or message someone on the phone immediately after getting intimate, then you are making a mistake. By doing this your partner will feel that you are not interested in him.

4 – Do not go to work – If you start working immediately after the intimate session, then it means that work and study were wandering in your mind. Doing this can upset your relationship.

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