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Secrets of anti-ageing ! Look 10 Years Younger than your age just by



Everyone wishes to look younger than their actual age trying hard to maintain it. As we grow older with time, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots etc start appearing on the skin. It’s not possible for us to go back in time but it is possible to make the skin look younger with proper care and correct makeup techniques.

There are a few techniques using which we can look 5 years younger than we actually are with some limitations. It shouldn’t be overdone else it may make you look odd. So below are a few regular skin care routine ideas and a few makeup tips to look young. Most important thing is to practice it regularly for best results.

Clean your diet :

To keep your skin as taut and glowy as possible, load up on colorful whole foods (think blueberries, cantaloupe, broccoli, kale), good fats (avocado, almonds, fatty wild fish) and lean protein (preferably free range or grass fed).

Exercise Daily :

Moving your body for at least 30 minutes a day is good for your mind and your complexion. Cardio boosts circulation, which is why your face looks flushed and rosy for hours after exertion. Sitting in a steam room (which causes your heart to pump out more blood than normal) also increases blood flow to your face.

Exfoliate :

Remove all the dead cells accumulated on your face and lessen the sun damages. A facial scrub with alpha-hydroxyl is best to make you look fresh.


Face lift mask :

A face lift mask or a facial mask specially made to reduce your facial wrinkles can help you a lot in looking younger. If you’re applying makeup after the face pack, then it is advisable to apply this face mask a few hours before.

Mosturize :

Don’t forget moisturizing your skin daily. As you grow older, your skin lacks required oils slowly. So it is very important to moisturize your skin regularly.


Avoid sunrays :

Don’t let the sunrays touch your skin as much as possible. Always wear a sunscreen or a sunblock whenever you go outdoors between 10am to 4pm. Reapply the sunscreen lotion every four hours.


If your skin is getting worse in summer, So follow this recipe




Our skin is very soft and we often have many problems in summer. In summer, we often get allergies, which causes itching and redness of the entire skin.

To avoid all this, we take medicines, but these problems come back as soon as the effect of these medicines ends.

The best way to get rid of them is home remedies.

Let us know which home remedies we can reduce allergies.

* Coconut oil is very beneficial for the skin. If you have dry skin or itching, use coconut oil. It is beneficial to apply coconut oil in the place where the skin is facing problems.

* Grind the camphor and mix coconut oil in it. After that apply it on itchy areas. By applying this mixture at least 02 times a day, your allergy problem will go away.

* Aloe vera is very effective for skin problems due to its moisturizing properties. Apply aloe vera gel and raw mango pulp on the skin. Applying this paste provides relief from skin irritation, itching and swelling.

* Wash the allergic site with alum water. After that, mix camphor and mustard oil on it. You can also apply coconut oil by mixing it.

* To keep your body hydrated as much as possible due to skin allergy, for this, drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. Consuming more water will protect you from sunburn and flu.

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