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What’s trolling? Salman decodes Twitter backlash for Race 3′



Superstar Salman Khan has dismissed the Twitter backlash against the trailer of his next big ticket film “Race 3”, saying comments by people with “one or two” followers do not qualify as “trolling”.

The “Race 3” trailer, released earlier this month, attracted jokes and memes galore on social media.

On Monday, at the launch of the new season of “Dus Ka Dum”, Salman was asked about the buzz around “Race 3”.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said the actor, urging the scribe to mention the trolling.
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Salman counter-questioned: “Are you trolling it? You know who is trolling it?”

When the scribe said “a lot of people”, Salman said: “Those guys with one follower or two followers? That’s trolling? Who’s controlling that trolling, you know? No? How sad.

“So, when guys with one, two, three, four followers troll, it’s not trolling.”

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Salman was in a witty mood as he also remarked on the response to the “Race 3” song “Selfish”, penned by him. He chose a musical way to respond to a reporter, and joked: “This song is also written by me. It hasn’t been released. It will be released soon and then get trolled.”

The actor has sung the title track for “Dus Ka Dum”, which will premiere on June 4 on Sony Entertainment Television.


Good support system makes it easier: Kareena on how she manages work, personal life



Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan thinks one has to section the day well enough to be able to balance work and personal life.

“When at work have 200 per cent focus and when at home, be there physically and mentally,” she says.

IANSlife speaks to the expecting mother, who recently collaborated with Netsurf’s health and wellness brand Naturamore, along with her husband and actor Saif Ali Khan. Read on:

How do you strike balance between work and personal care, especially when you are expecting?

Kareena: I think one has to section the day well enough to be able to balance both ends. When at work have 200% focus and when at home, be there physically and mentally. A good support system at home and work can make it easier. The more control you have over your hours, the less stressed you are likely to be.

How does your fitness regime look like?

Kareena: It can be anything. On days it could be rigorous cardio, it could be calming yoga, intense Pilates. The idea is to do something every day even if it’s only for 30 mins. Regular physical activity has so much positive impact on one’s life including relieving stress, improving memory, increasing productivity and boosts overall mood.

How do you ensure your family is fit from inside during these times?

Kareena: Yes definitely. We make sure we have our intake of calcium, proteins and nutrients in the right portion.

What changes has the pandemic brought to your daily diet?

Kareena: My daily diet definitely includes fruits, homemade food and more importantly healthy food. However, indulging in something you crave and love is equally important to keep it going.

How would you stress the importance of being fit rather than thin, especially for women?

Kareena: A woman undergoes a lot of changes in her body, right from be a teenage girl to a married to becoming a mother. I think it’s very important to be fit and healthy. To eat the right food, the right amount of exercise be it Yoga, running or exercising.

How do you resonate with its ideology?

Kareena: I resonate very well to the brand`s ideology. Both Saif and I believe it’s very important to stay fit both externally and from within given the time all of us are going through, one`s immunity and strength plays a very important role in the overall fitness regime of an individual.

What health advice do you have for your fans, especially women and those who have conceived amid this pandemic?

Kareena: Exercise, eat right, meditate, sleep well and hydrate and you have got this.

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