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Video shot by school children leads to arrest of man selling cigarettes to minors



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New Delhi: Two school children got a video recorded of a man selling cigarettes to minors and shared it with the police, leading to the arrest of the accused, the police said today.



The incident was reported from central Delhi’s Patel Nagar.

The two students-aged 14 and 16 respectively-studied in a private school at Patel Nagar, they added.



The duo told the police that they saw their classmates smoking and learnt that a cigarette vendor was selling the tobacco product to minors, which is a criminal offence.


School children recorded video of man selling cigarettes to minors, leads to his arrest:


Four days ago, they went to the vendor and bought cigarettes while one of their acquaintances filmed the entire episode.



They shared the video with the police and the accused, Jitendra Bhishan, was arrested.

In another case, a 40-year-old man was arrested last week for allegedly supplying narcotic substances to minors.



A juvenile was apprehended for a theft and he told the Juvenile Justice Board that he used to commit thefts to buy drugs, the police said.

The juvenile had mentioned the name of one Manjeet, from whom he used to buy drugs. The accused was subsequently arrested.



To bring Covid-19 test equipment CM Yogi Adityanath allow state aircraft to be used.



Looking at the corona epidemic,chief minister Yogi Adityanath has authorised the use of state aircraft for bringing medical equipment from other states to UP.

This is the first time in history of UP that a state aircraft has been used for such a purpose. In Covid-19 pandemic, with most modes of transport closed, there have been occasions when medical equipment is required urgently in the state.

Therefore the CM decided to hand over the use of the state aircraft to the health department.Before this the aircraft has already been used on two occasions and will be sent to Goa on June 9 to bring back a consignment of Truenat machine are being used for detection of Covid-19 as they are able to give the test result in one to one and a half hours. The machines are therefore being used before conducting emergency surgeries as patients need to be cleared of Covid-19 before any medical procedure,”said an official.

The CM has said that each district should have a Truenat machine.
This is the first time that the state aircraft is being used for transportation of medical equipment.The aircraft had earlier been sent to Bangalore and Goa to bring medical equipment. On June 1, the aircraft was sent to Goa to bring 21 Truenat machines.On April 7, the aircraft was sent to Bangalore to bring 150 A-star fortitude kits.

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