A copy of the completed Academic Grade Appeal form will be provided to the review committee in advance of the hearing. Theatre, Design and Production Emphasis, B.F.A. Each letter is in turn assigned a quality-point value according to the list provided below. For information concerning requirements, admission to teacher education and a list of approved programs, contact the College of Education. Home » A list for any specific program is available from the Office of Global Programs or on the web at globallearning.lipscomb.edu. He was a first-team all-conference selection last … The review committee may ask questions of the student and the faculty member as they arise or after testimony is presented. An approved Bible class can be substituted for the LUEG requirement for students: Bachelor of Arts: Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree must complete eight semester hours of a single foreign language. Exceptions will not be made for students who do not meet course prerequisites. Academic Freedom Grievance and Complaint Process. A student will not have the right to review or receive a copy of any minutes or notes taken from the hearing. Academically suspended students may not enroll at Lipscomb the semester following their academic suspension. C: Average, about the quality expected of most students; earns 2 quality points per hour. Further information concerning special examinations is available in the registrar’s office. Failure by the student to notify the professor of the authorized absence prior to its occurrence could void the authorized absence and the associated non-consequential benefits. or B.S. ), Family Science: Child Life Specialist track (B.A. Full-time faculty are requested to be available to students on this day. Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 will be placed on academic probation for the following semester. There are also opportunities to serve all eight years in the Guard or Reserves. Regardless of where you are transferring from, please take a moment to review Lipscomb’s general education requirements and consider how your previous course work may correspond: Use this online tool to find out what credits are likely to transfer. After the freshman year, scholarship students incur a service obligation of four years active duty and four years in the Inactive Ready Reserve. This introduction to university-level critical thinking is required during the first semester at Lipscomb for all first-year students. Students should be present for class unless hindered by unavoidable circumstances. Accounts. The Provost (or his or her designee) will meet with the faculty member and student to discuss the situation. If a student does not satisfy the appropriate chapel requirements, the student will be placed on probation for the following semester. Students may earn college credit through the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board upon attaining the minimum score on the AP examination. Courses are transferred back to each university and added to the students’ transcripts. Collaboration with local public and private school systems assures that Lipscomb students have practical, hands-on experiences as they acquire knowledge and skills, and study educational theories, current research and sound professional practice. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Lipscomb University. Because the summer session (10 weeks) is shorter and thus more intensified than a typical semester, it is necessary to place further restrictions upon the number of hours for which a student may register during that time. However, students who are academically suspended at the end of that semester may lose the right to appeal their academic suspension if they have not completed a contract. A student must complete a minimum of 63 hours of graded course work (toward the degree being conferred) at Lipscomb University in order to be eligible to receive Latin honors designation. 1 in CLEP Manual)-No credit. AP credits and CLEP testing will be accepted according to the following guidelines. Credit By Examination. The Office of the Registrar notifies students of their eligibility for credit upon receiving an application for admission and the official AP score report. Lipscomb University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate, baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral degrees. In establishing credit for these examinations, attention will be given not only to the score but to the scholastic record of the student, any special merits of the examination paper and perhaps a personal interview. Compare the best schools with AP courses near you. Although some students change career goals, leave school or transfer, 65 percent of first-time freshmen graduated from Lipscomb within six years of beginning university work for the 2012 cohort year. Enlisted members of the U.S. Army are eligible for Green-to-Gold scholarships that are determined by national competition or by the commanding generals of Army divisions and corps. Therefore the general education Bible requirement consists of the following six courses: BI 1073 - The Story of Jesus (3) F , BI 1083 - The Story of the Church (3) SP , BI 1093 - The Story of Israel (3) F , and LUEG 3xn3 - Engagements: (selected topic) (3) F, SP ; one of the following three: BI 3213 - Faith and Culture (3) SP , BI 3433 - Disciplines for Christian Living (3) F, SP  or BI 4213 - Biblical Ethics (3) F, SP ; plus one elective. Students pursuing professional degrees beyond the bachelor’s degree should consult with the program they wish to attend for specific prerequisites. Academic credit varies by school. •        The student will not be allowed to pledge any social clubs; •        The student may be restricted from participation in other campus activities (e.g., Singarama, study abroad, intramurals, and varsity sports). Learn more about Lipscomb University admissions statistics, SAT/ACT Scores, and admissions requirements. The estimated average SAT composite for admitted freshman is 1190 out of 1600. No more than 21 hours will be credited for work done (including work at another institution) within one semester. This approval is waived (except Bible) if the first degree was earned at a regionally accredited institution. Examples: all zero credit courses. Admission is open to both men and women who meet mental, moral and physical qualifications. Education delays are available for critical specialties requiring post-graduate civilian education such as law and medical degrees. Transferred courses accepted to meet part of the general education requirement must be approved by the registrar. DID YOU KNOW: Lipscomb went 3-8 against non-conference schools last season. 2. The student may participate in the course to whatever extent he/she wishes insofar as tests, reports, papers and other assignments are concerned. The mission of the LIGHT program is to prepare students for a lifetime of collaborative engagement with the world’s cultures through curricular and experiential learning that guides them in developing respectful attentiveness to diversity and responsive awareness of neighboring as a moral imperative. Students may select from the following programs: The Lipscomb faculty and Office of Global Learning are working to add new opportunities and destinations every school year. Credit can be earned from Straighterline for the following courses:  Developmental English (EN 0110), Intermediate Algebra (MA 1030), College Algebra (MA 1113), Freshman Composition I (EN 1113), and Environmental Biology (ESS 1013). Credit: AP FILE - In this March 16, 2020, file photo, Neal Browning receives a shot in the first-stage safety study of a potential vaccine for COVID … A student may repeat a course for the purpose of improving his/her grade. In those 11 games, the Bisons gave up 73.5 points per game while scoring 66.5 per matchup. Accommodations may be necessary if Explorations areas have been fulfilled through traditional course work. Tuition is waived for any military science course that is not applied toward the degree. LIGHT Away is an off-campus experience, such as an approved Mission trip, a Global Learning semester, or approved intercultural internship. (See paragraph on audits and non-credit repeats.). Students who participate in Air Force ROTC are jointly enrolled as a TSU student and participate in Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) at TSU. Lipscomb University will allow a maximum of 33 semester hours of credit toward graduation based on a combination of correspondence courses, extension courses, special examinations, advanced placement credits and equivalency credits. For more information, visit. One University Park Drive who transfer to Lipscomb without the A.A. or A.S. degree but who have satisfied the TBR general education requirements. Within the ASC, students may take advantage of individual tutoring, collaborative study groups, athletic study hall, academic workshops, student advocacy consultation and limited academic coaching. Independent studies are intended to be guided independent educational experiences which are initiated primarily by the student. Completion of general education credits from Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) institutions will be honored provided that the student has completed all requirements for an AS or AA degree OR the student has completed all of the general education requirements at a TBR institution. Marketing, Marketing for Entrepreneurship Concentration, B.B.A. High School Credits Accepted at Lipscomb University; AP Credit: Yes: Dual Credit: Yes: Credit for Life Experiences: Yes All December and May undergraduate candidates participate in the formal graduation exercises. This may be either for credit or without credit. To be considered for admission into the dual enrollment program, the student must submit the following items: (1) an application for admission, (2) ACT/SAT scores, (3) an official high school transcript and (4) a reference from the school’s guidance counselor. Students who transfer 47-66 credit hours to Lipscomb must complete three Bible courses: BI 1073  or BI 1083  and BI 1093 ; and LUEG 3xn3 , or approved Bible credit courses as determined by program requirement (e.g., nursing and engineering). Transfer work to be counted toward a minor must be accepted by the registrar’s office and approved by the academic chair involved. The higher the tier level experience, the more service hours involved and the more in-depth the academic engagement. The mission and purpose of this program is to structure academic exploration in a Christian context as a foundation for a life of learning and service in a diverse global environment. The Leadership Lab is also 1 credit hour. If any senior in his or her final semester of class work fails to earn the required chapel credit amount, the student’s diploma will be withheld. Complaints related to the application of state laws, rules or regulations related to approval to operate or licensure of a particular professional program shall be referred to the appropriate state licensing board or agency (e.g., Tennessee Board of Nursing or Tennessee Department of Education) and will be reviewed and handled by such board or agency; and. At least three courses (minimum of nine hours) in the major field must be taken at Lipscomb. Courses taken at a two-year school which have 3000 or 4000 course numbers at Lipscomb generally will not transfer as equivalency credit. Students who are academically suspended a second time for academic reasons may not be readmitted until at least two full semesters (not counting summer session) have elapsed. Unless the Associate Provost for Student Academic Support determines in his or her sole discretion that the complaint or grievance is frivolous or without merit, the student will then be directed to address the matter by meeting with the appropriate instructor. 615.322.8550 • 800.288.ROTC. LIGHT Here (Lipscomb & Nashville) and LIGHT Away: Lipscomb creates numerous co- and extracurricular occasions for students to hear and see people who differ from them and to learn about others’ experiences. ), The plan for a second degree must include a minimum of 32 hours (earned above the hours for the first bachelor’s degree) in residence at Lipscomb University with a minimum of 24 hours in the major in residence, in addition to general education degree requirements. Interested students should contact the College of Professional Studies to begin the process. Students who come to Lipscomb with little exposure to the Bible may choose to take BI 1003 - Introduction to the Bible and Christianity (3) F, SU  before beginning the sequence above. This course meets an elective Bible requirement and is a LIGHT-designated course. Students on academic warning will be required to participate in Turning Point, a program designed to assist students attempting to recover from difficult academic situations. The program adheres to the university’s Academic Probation and Suspension Policy (See Academic Probation). Often, an ACT score of 23 - 29 or a 1,080 - 1,290 SAT score is the range that applicants have greater chances to be accepted. At least six hours (two of the four subject areas) must be fulfilled by integrated course work. The Office of Admissions in consultation with the provost awards IB credit, generally, according to the following policy: Credit for EB will be determined on a case-by-case basis. After completing the Academic Grade Appeal form, the student must first meet with the Associate Provost for Student Academic Support. The student will be able to consult with the advisor and map out an appropriate “pathway” that is unique to the individual student’s situation. The following matrix summarizes these grades, and a brief description of each grade follows. At the baccalaureate level, Lipscomb offers the Bachelor of Arts degree, the Bachelor of Business Administration degree, the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, the Bachelor of Music degree, the Bachelor of Professional Studies, the Bachelor of Science degree, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and the Bachelor of Social Work degree. (Students will normally not be allowed to register for further work until the Major-Minor Form is properly filed.) This program prepares the student for a career in the health care field as a registered nurse upon successfully passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), in accordance with applicable state licensing requirements. Students will not be allowed to transfer more credits per term than they would have been permitted to earn at Lipscomb. Human based Biology is preferred, additional BIOL courses can be taken about the 8 hour requirement No minimum number of hours is required, preferred experiences are those that show quality patient interaction and the development of … Research can be daunting and overwhelming. Academically suspended students who miss the deadline for appealing will not be eligible to return that semester. Leadership in a Complex World*, Commanding Officer: Michael J. Slocum; Military Instructors: Johnny C. Simon, James C. Fournier, Victor M. Sanchez. College Credit . Intro to Communication (must be speech based), Science with lab (General Biology, A&P, Microbiology), One more Math or Science based class (to fulfill Integrated Math & Science), History (excluding State Histories ex: Tennessee History), Social Science (General Psychology, General Sociology, Government, Economics). Students who wish to participate in a mid-length or short-term Global Apprentice Program should work with the college sponsoring the program and must complete an application, pay the required deposits by the due dates, and attend the required orientation meetings. The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) provides pre-commission training for college-educated men and women who desire to serve as commissioned officers in the active Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard. Students choosing to be recognized as a LIGHT Scholar will experience a combination of curricular and extracurricular learning environments throughout their time at Lipscomb. Only the higher grade will be used in computing the grade-point average. B: Good, above the average expectation; earns 3 quality points per hour. The student must specify on the form the grade in question and include a brief statement of the grounds upon which the appeal is being made. Management, Supply Chain Management Concentration, B.B.A. 4. Students who do not earn a passing grade in LU 1203 must retake the course the subsequent spring semester. degree major and the other is a B.S. The teacher education program is a campus-wide program that involves all departments in an integrated approach that prepares a well-rounded student. Every student is assigned an academic advisor. Music, Commercial (Songwriting or Production), B.M. I: Incomplete, no credit unless completed later with passing grade; computed as “F” in grade-point average until the grade is made up. If you’re considering transferring to Lipscomb from another college, one of your main concerns is probably transferring your credits — how smoothly will the college credit you’ve earned so far transfer to your new school? Lipscomb University . Students may not withdraw from the course unless they are withdrawing from the university. For students in academic areas that do not adapt or create LIGHT courses in their majors, the option of creating a contract in a major course for a special additional project will be available. (Prereqs: Minimum of 60 hours earned credit). MS 102. Best Coding Bootcamps Best Online Bootcamps Best Web Design Bootcamps Best Data Science Bootcamps Best Data … Fashion and Interior Merchandising, B.F.A. Transfer Credit Inquiry If you have questions about how credit from particular courses or tests may transfer to Lipscomb, please complete the form below. 2. In semester-long programs, students take a total of 12-18 hours. Students must register for GN 999X the semester all course work will be completed for graduation. The decision of the Provost (or his or her designee) upon appeal will be final and effective immediately. Students interested in taking CLEP examinations should check in the registrar’s office for guidelines prior to taking the tests. For academic year 2019-2020, the acceptance rate is 63.11% where total 3,481 students (1,204 men and 2,277 women) have applied to Lipscomb and 2,197 (791 men and 1,406 women) students have been admitted to the school. Proposals for independent studies must address each of the following topics: Material to be covered, research to be performed and credit to be awarded. Fifteen hours is the maximum load for such students. The young Lipscomb participated in other projects, such as Morse-coded messages over wires and crystal radio sets, with five nearby friends who became physicists, physicians, and an engineer. The main objectives of producing officers through the AFROTC program are (1) to procure officers with a broad educational base; (2) to provide a basic military education for college students; (3) to teach fundamentals and techniques of leadership, management, and decision making; and (4) to develop, in conjunction with other academic disciplines, individual character and attributes required of a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. 12. The academic probation contract is a useful way to address the academic problems the student has encountered. Any deviations from the approved proposal must be approved by the directing professor and the academic chair. Questions can be directed to Dr. Christin Shatzer, Director of Service-Learning, at christin.shatzer@lipscomb.edu or 615.966.7225. Some programs require other criteria to be met. Transfer Credit. Humanities-No credit will be granted if prior college work has been taken in any of the test areas. The faculty member who assigned the grade will then be given 15 minutes to present his or her position and any relevant evidence related to the grade. Exam Score Hours Awarded Appalachian Credit Awarded. Students who wish to participate in a semester-long global learning program must meet the following criteria: They must have at least a 2.5 GPA at the time of the application and maintain a 2.5 GPA for the two semesters preceding their participation in the global learning program. All Star Projects Web Development Mobile Development Design Data Science. Dual Credits, Advanced placement (AP) Credits, Credits for Life Experiences, Credit for Military Training Acceptance Rate, Yield, and Headcounts For academic year 2019-2020, the acceptance rate is 63.11% where total 3,481 students (1,204 men and 2,277 women) have applied to Lipscomb and 2,197 (791 men and 1,406 women) students have been admitted to the school. If you have questions regarding the ASC, please call 615.966.1400 or email academicsuccesscenter@lipscomb.edu. Currently there is no charge for tuition to take Air Force ROTC. the foreign language requirement for the B.A. (See paragraph below on audits and non-credit repeats.). Knowing where to begin can make all the difference. NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Romeao Ferguson had 15 points and Lipscomb held off Lamar 76-73 to win its season opener on Saturday night. Leadership and Personal Development These additional terms offer students various academic opportunities, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, to catch up or get ahead in their curriculum. Students are expected to attend class or notify the professor regarding their absence.

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