Global warming is a long-term increase in Earth's average surface temperature. Facts of Global Warming & It Prevention Tips Hello, in this application you can find interesting facts of global warming. Scientists warn that sea levels could rise between 61 to 110 cm throughout the 21st century. The former would affect humans as a major food source they depend on takes a hit. Arctic and Antarctic temperatures rise faster than anywhere else in the world. Due to the domino effect of climate change, new global warming facts will continue to emerge as the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases. Are C02 emissions causing more forest fires, hurricanes and other natural disasters? This would be the first time in thousands of years that the Arctic regions did not have ice all year long. John Tyndall identified methane and carbon dioxide as greenhouse gases in 1859. Global warming is the long-term warming of the planet’s overall temperature. We’re already seeing the effects of climate change, but thankfully, the planet is equipped with a powerful tool for stabilizing the climate: nature itself. Global Warming will drive our animals into extinction Signpost and transition: The final aspect of Global Warming that I will be talking about is the effect it will have on our future. The technical term for global warming caused by human activities is anthropogenic global warming or anthropogenic climate change. That mantra was mostly a … Over 90% of scientists and all the major international accredited scientific bodies agree that global warming is a reality. Global warming also affects patterns of rainfall. Their most important discovery was that the oceans are not able to absorb carbon dioxide at the rate previously thought. We only need to stop putting more greenhouse gases into the air. Learn what happens to all this junk with these interesting recycling facts. Climate change (or global warming), is the process of our planet heating up. 10 facts about climate change. Fact 2 While that might not sound like much, it means big things for people and wildlife around the globe. Don’t believe the hype! Currently, the Earth is in a “hothouse” state. This will greatly affect the climate especially in Europe and North America. Facts about global warming and climate change are undeniable. The impacts of the decisions we make are affecting our weather now. Global warming and climate change affect absolutely everyone and everything on … This makes the ground hard and stable. Other effects include heat waves and increased desertification, which brings flooding and smaller harvests. Earth’s climate has changed over various timescales since the dawn of geologic time, and the force of human activities since the Industrial Revolution has been woven into the fabric of climate change. The name comes from how human activity has defined this period. But when all the readings are taken into account over a long period of time, say a 100 years, it reveals true shifts. The Copenhagen Accord followed in 2009, and the Paris Agreement in 2015. However, water vapor is a greenhouse gas too – increased levels of it in the air only makes it warmer. Stash your trash! Some areas will experience massive flooding as a result of global warming, while other areas may suffer extreme periods of drought. The first animal to go extinct due to global warming was the golden toad in 1989. Something from global warming facts to remember, for when you’re tempted to think your lifestyle isn’t affecting the rest of the planet. By EMILY DERUY. The increasing level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has set up a record for the first time in 800,000 years. It’s not as common as carbon dioxide, but 84% more potent as a greenhouse gas. Your email address will not be published. This is one reason why global warming can result in stronger storms and heavier rains. Another scenario is that human-made global warming will see sweeping epidemics of infectious diseases like malaria in the United States. This further threatens the lives of people who live in coastal areas. By changing the way we travel and the way we use power in our everyday lives, we can drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Despite that, many nations are unwilling to pay the cost of switching to a green economy. -Bradley A. Smith. Fact 2-In addition to the increase in the sea level, we have seen an increase in the temperature of the oceans as well.Since 1969 it has risen by 0.302 degrees. Citation from this article: "We have heard for years that planting trees can help save the world from global warming. The permafrost is a phenomenon where the subsoil is always frozen even in summer. Coral, underwater reefs are extremely sensitive to temperature change and can be used as Global Warming Indicators. Facts can convince conservatives about global warming – sometimes A new study finds that when they understand climate basics, some conservatives are more likely to … Definitely one of the more alarming global warming facts. See more ideas about global warming, global warming solutions, save earth. The greenhouse effect is a natural process that occurs on Earth. 1-5 Global Warming Facts 1. Climate crisis or climate emergency are other terms for global warming.

interesting facts about global warming

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