Which isn’t a slight on the Garmin scale itself – again, it works just fine. Once that’s done it’ll come back to you with additional metrics. I have adjusted my “activity class” from 8 down to 7 (as anything of 8 or higher is apparently considered to be an athlete which reduces the BF measurement, even though I exercise a that level according to the guidance provided by Garmin) and hopefully that will provide a fix, although I’m yet to find that out. I’ll be complaining until Garmin give me a full refund, invoking trading standards. – every time I mulled over getting a non-Garmin device it just didn’t happen out of personal preference on the device site (and I do not see the websites of other big players being better either really). The Garmin Index Smart Scale wirelessly keeps track of your weight, body water, fat mass, and bone mass, but it's a bit pricey for what you get. But now, nothing to my knowledge. I feel special, Looks like they have released a new scale now. You can see below I added a goal at 175lbs, and then it added a black line there. Except, this one is lime green. If you only have hard wood/tile/etc floors, you can throw these at unsuspecting people within your household. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. Wouldn’t connect via BT to phone/app, but after reading I saw the use of WPS on my router – Xfinity/comcast, western USA Puget Sound area. One should at least try basic troubleshooting before throwing in the towel. Sorry Andrea, but my ability to predict the future 18 months before it happens is limited. Such spikes repeat more or less every week… MFP will have updated your weight next time you log in.”. The Garmin Index S2 was the best of 4 relatively expensive smart scales I reviewed. First the question: can this scale be used without a Garmin Connect account? After using it this morning and checking my connect the notice was gone, i checked the scale (remove one battery and put it back in) i saw it was on 2.50. Free shipping over $25. I believe you actually you can change this setting. I was bracing for a nightmare but no, batteries in, connect to wifi, enter password, invite the girlfriend, done. I know this isn’t a problem that everyone is seeing, but it is a problem for a large number of users – and it appears to be the same problem for all of them. It's not the fastest fitness app by far, often loading slowly or stalling while a device syncs. On my second set now and they have never got passed the set up. BMI, Body Fat, etc…). Make an edit in weight, just scroll back and forth. They don’t allow editing of steps on the users end or on their end. They had no comment on why they don’t include the ANT+ device with the scale, they just decided not to. :))) basically everything that the Index Scale should be … is the Tanita Ironman Scale: Consistent detailed and comprehensive metrics. The Index Smart Scale comes with 4 AA batteries, giving you up to 9 months of use before you need to switch them out. Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! My % body fat (24.9%) seems very high compared to my relatively low BMI (20). ), but the scale claimed body water INCREASED by 2.3%, muscle mass decreased by 1.6 lbs, and body fat decreased by 3.2% (I wish). Same problem here 7%… Other values changes. Goals can only be added for weight, not for other categories (i.e. The lack of reliable integration with other sites would also be a deal breaker for me. I have contacted Garmin support but didn’t get a very meaningful answer. Could she use the scale to check her weight without having an account? Garmin dont seem interested. Thanks Ray-really appreciate your quick response. Also – while we’re at it, per the linked thread, those readings are back to normal as of a few days ago. I can no longer get past the wrench icon. What would be Garmin’s strategy to open this up if…. But it still is not as robust as some of the Tanita scales that measure things like visceral fat and Physique. My problem with Garmin is that they have a known problem without a solution and are continuing to sell the scale without accepting responsibility for the product/software issue when they occur (at least its not catching on fire). FWIW, the upgrade to 2.7 happened over wifi seamlessly, and all set up was done via mobile connect app… really hapy with the scales… Select Settings But it was, as a number of folks in that thread on the 2nd page note it was working. They finally said that yes the WiFi setup is a known problem and they do not currently have a solution for it. Sometimes the weight shows up, sometimes not. And then re-pairing it back when I got home.” I had to setup the WLan fresh after 3-4 days of use. But without changes to the app/web there’s no way of seeing that anyway. They only integrate with a limited number of devices, and their apps aren't great. 8 succeeding days:: In its new avatar, the humble bathroom scale has become both smart and aesthetically pleasing. The symptoms I was getting were the same as described on the Garmin forums (not getting past setup/wrench icon etc). So in order to be a user on the scale, you must have an account on Garmin Connect. Generally speaking, Garmin support is pretty good on the phone. I, too, have had trouble with the set-up and also returned my first unit ’cause I never got readings other than weight and BMI. THUMBS UP IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO SUBSCRIBE NOW / Drop a comment below I hope you enjoyed this review of the Garmin Index Smart Scale! Weigh-ins now carry a time stamp, but there is no way to see anything other than the last recorded measurement in either the Mobile Connect app or on the web. I think you misinterpreted Ray’s original comments. Maybe with the new update we’ll try again. Supports up to 16 users. ekutter-the simple answer is to stay in the Garmin ecosystem. It should not be this difficult. Also the support from Garmin regarding this product is practically non existent. I reset the scale. You mentionned that “in order to be a user on the scale, you must have an account on Garmin Connect”. If the FR235 didn’t have so many issues especially given its price tag, I’d be more interested in that rather than the tomtom. Garmin company offers a wide range of wrist devices to monitor your activity level and your favorite sports. , Ray is totally spot on. Mike P- I think we are in the same camp. And to compliment that, here’s The Girl’s (my wife’s) list. Great article as always, thanks. reset them, Thanks for this review I’ve been waiting for Ray ! Nothing Helps. This seems to fix the problem. I guarentee you that you would be so much helped to maintain your diet and maintain your weight with this Withings scale. Many Thumbs down and a big fail for this Garmin until they fix this. My initials were lost and when I tried to reestablish them the app repeatedly reports “Network Connection Error” and the scale continues to show the wrench icon. Even with the plastic black feet it had me between 5kg and 20kg too light. Unfortunately they seem far more concern about wheeling out a new product every week than getting the products spot on and retaining their long standing customers. Discovered this by coincident when setting up Vivosmart for my mom, and tracked it back to a re-install. I enter the weight directly into the connect phone app. I don’t believe you will ever see Garmin Scale data sync to 3rd party apps because simply there is no business/sales case to support it. With a Withings scale, at least, you can go to the Withings web site/app and see every measurement, but so far as I know, Garmin Connect only ever shows you the last one of the day. I LOVE It. I am not sure if the data can flow from MFP to GC. Ultimately though, for me I don’t put much value in these extended metrics using electro impedance like other scales (nor do I put much value in people using calipers, most folks screw that up – despite having done it ‘hundreds’ or ‘thousands’ of times). Because Connect and Strava are the only websites that I use and I do not want to add another site that I would have to check,I am willing spending more to stay in the Garmin ecosystem. The Garmin is more or less the same. Again, I think that the problems that people are having with this product are being ignored. I’ve checked on other devices and they go fairly accurately well below that. Bought one today 4APR19 in the USA. Anyone has an idia how can I do factory reset that will work ? Now that it’s 2018, do you have scale updates? Thanks for the link but that confirms that it’s not working properly and hokey at best. I bought this scale to keep track on my body fat and get it slowly lower while maintaining muscle mass, keeping in mind that absolute figures might not be precise, but numbers should be consistent and that I should focus on trend… It’s also got a paper manual sitting atop it: Below that you’ll find four little black pods. There’s also four AA batteries. The connections to Garmin, Fitbit, and Strava are API based. Jbhifi . The workaround they have suggest, is to get the ANT+ device and leave it plugged into your computer. Thanks Ray, I assume they gave no timeline? I would think a very simple CSV export of date/weight metrics would be perfect. I’ve got nothin Ray. Sometimes the weight shows up, sometimes not. Garmin Index is Wi-Fi connected, allowing you to wirelessly sync your data to Garmin Connect. You’re not locked in at all – especially compared to competitors such as Polar. My wife will probably be interested in checking her bf% every now and then, but doesn’t have a Garmin Connect account and isn’t interested in one. Change to kilograms and you get kilometres. 2. Has anyone else been having these issues? Every time you weigh yourself, your current weight and body fat percentage will automatically be sent to SportTracks and displayed on the Health page. Points can be used on your very next purchase at Clever Training for anything site-wide. I only wish I had 9%… Need help please with adding 2nd person in family. I have exactly the same issue with the Tanita scales that such with the old forerunner but Garmin connect still doesn’t present the information in the app. I do that all the time with my iPhone, and The Girl’s iPhone. But on the same matter FWIW my Garmin scale synced with myfitnesspal this morning 03/8/16 but last time it did it previously was on the 03/02/16. And what we found was that when it came to weight – even the cheapest of Target scales were just as accurate. Obviously that isn’t what is happening. And the same with muscle mass. Here’s how: I’ve seen in the past is that while these metrics may not be absolutely accurate, November I wrote about all of the WiFi scale options on the market, click here to Subscribe without commenting. Neither Garmin or MyFitnessPal will email me back about it… from the tech forums it looks like they are worn out from saying “there is currently no fix for this.” Please let me know if you have found an answer that I haven’t. I just got the VENU which makes Garmin Connect more convenient than TPs and MFP, although I still need MFP to track nutrition since Garmin Connect only syncs nutrition data with MFP. Maria, thanks for your help. Looking for the equipment I use day to day? Android: Touch the Menu icon (3 horizontal lines in the upper left) The first one I got never worked right, recording, displaying and reporting only weight and BMI. In general there is a 0.2k difference between the garmin and withings scales. I think it will be easier for me just to manually update garmin connect than bother with wifi again. Check out I had to google and did find this review and your question. I feel that they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don’t know how useful this API is…, This smart scale sure looks very promising! As I noted, sometimes it works…and sometimes not. Setup and AppI had a heck of a time getting the Garmin Index to initially sync. The device sends a small amount of electrical current (which you will not feel) from one foot through your body to the other foot. Same for me. I am a recreationally cycler and I … What I finally figured out is that my Linksys WRT 1200AC router was set to mixed mode and not WPA2 due to some old hardware on my network that didn’t play well with WPA2. That is pretty funny on that other thread! Then hit up Wiggle at the link below! Any good scales out there you’d recommend? I just got the scale and I can not get it to sync to my app on my phone. For last few days the same problem – before used to have around 12% body fat, now it’s constantly 7% and I guess it went to other metrics (having higher water, bones… ) It remembers – instantly, and forever. Someone at Garmin has made a very clear choice against playing nicely and they need to be told what a dumbass that makes them. Whether or not one wants to accept it, the reality is that WiFi router setups vary significantly, and the tiniest of things can cause any other devices problems. B) The cost to integrate is virtually non-existent for Garmin. When you step on the scale, your weight appears first. So far, the scales are fine. Become closer to the healthy lifestyle with smart scale. On #1, any chance your two year old in the process of trying to weight themselves selected you? Help me with my question though. I don’t think this thing actually “measures” anything but weight, the other parameters are just some bogus calculations. Want to compare the features of each product, down to the nitty-gritty? With myself and wife setup via my phone.So it recognises is both. I would instantly buy this scale if Garmin Connect wouldn’t stop third parties from using their API. But having no variation at all is very surprizing. Then it doesn’t have the password issue and connects happily with WPA2. Cracking open the box you’ll find the scale wrapped in a protective sleeve. Reasons: I was actually talking with friends about it last week a bit, walking through the options. It requires that you log all your meals and drinks, and you need a companion Polar fitness tracker (the Polar A360 ( at Amazon) is my personal favorite from the company) in order to know how many calories you're burning. Did they ever fix the issue of being able to record more than one reading in a day? The $149.99 Garmin Index Smart Scale automatically measures and calculates everything you can hope a scale would, including weight, body water, body fat, bone mass, and body mass index … This is what I wondered. If there’s something that they said that was an engineering change – I’d push for it. This is a marketing oddity that I fail to understand. You can read more about the details here. Well yesterday – I received my scale form Amazon (after a lot of research) and have it all hooked up and running. No idea about the reasons. All of this data looks basically the same on the mobile app. Select Disconnect from MyFitnessPal (small print at the bottom of the page) Technically MFP is now a competitor to Garmin, no?? Donzeo. Yep. Wifi connectivity should be part of a high end scale without having to order a anti+ device to set up or enable the bluetooth for data transfer or put a USB cable in the box to plug into the router for set up. But no matter how you mount your scale, the result is the same: It wakes up and tells you your weight. Garmin support haven’t been that helpful – inconsistently telling me it’s a “known issue” that they can’t help with now or telling me to switch it on and off again… There is very little feedback from Garmin over whether they think this is an issue with the hardware, the wifi, or with Garmin Connect (although experiences of swapping out scales and trying different wifi suggests the latter). Is there any way you can shed any light on this? hello…!!! We have Wifi and Bluetooth setup for our Fenixes too. Having modern equipment like Garmin Index Smart Scale in your […] I recently set up a wifi security camera with pan/tilt capabilities and various alerts within minutes of taking it out of the box. I believe that needs to be clear for buyers of the scale; your data will not transfer. IN CASE YOU ARE PASSING THROUGH A SIMILAR PROBLEM AND YOU NEED DR ONIHA’S ASSISTANCE, YOU CAN CALL OR WHATSAP +2347089275769 OREMAIL: DRONIHASPELL@YAHOO.COM. as Ray describe in his other post “A Weighty Decision: Deciding on a WiFi Weight Scale”(link to dcrainmaker.com) it only syncs weight via the workaround withings -> fitnesspal -> garmin, the previous post is also a good reado for the whole topic! If there is a transfer problem to TP it’s probably on their end, not Garmin. Otherwise, it would have defaulted to the question mark. And these things are very, extremely important, I was going to by this today but luckily you wrote the review last night Got a question about the Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale Black? If that platform is Garmin Connect, and if you want those advanced metrics – then the Index Scale is solid and generally works well. Not a lot of positivity out there for this product. I figured it was stupid user error, but maybe it was something else. No cost to you, easy as pie! When it went on sale again for the new year, I caved and bought from the amazon link. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. The 2nd one worked OK (with some erratic behavior) for a few months but in my most recent successful weigh-in it displayed my weight then appeared to reset itself. I aim to leave no stone unturned. No problem, here's the platform I use - you can too! If you have repeaters in the house then turn them off, especially if they have the same ssid as it will just cause you more initial connection issues. This is the name that’s displayed on the unit itself when you step on (so multiple people can use it). I now have no idea which figure is the accurate one (if any) and frankly am now looking at returning these to replace them with another brand to see if that is any better, unless anyone can suggest a fix for the erratic behaviour? Next, if we click on the ‘weight’ option, we can dive deeper into the data and charts. I have an expensive paper weight now, stuck on the ‘wrench’ screen. Curious if the multi-point weight recording ever arrived or if it is still a single measurement per day? After factory reset a few more attempts I was finally able to get it on the mac with ant+. I just got these scales to replace my Withings ones which died. Definitely see where both of you are coming from. I bought an Apple pen the other day took it out of the box plugged it into my iPad and the set-up was complete. As Fenix users, we were able to setup the scale practically without reading the instructions! Garmin Support think this is all as should be. MyFitnessPal is owned by Under Armour, who now produces a line of competing devices including a scale. Just got off the phone with Garmin for the third time with no resolution on setting up the wifi on my Garmin Index scale. No problem, the product comparison data is constantly updated with new products and new features added to old products! and nowhere close to reality because it appears Garmin chose to split the difference of the normal and athlete profiles on other scales. I also wonder why Garmin Index doesn’t. However, there’s plenty of decent ways of averaging out multiple readings for a day when generating the graph. Will you test our product before release? If there is a new one in the pipeline, I’ll wait. I wrote an e-mail to Garmin support, still waiting for their response. It may never come, like the foot pod was also discontinued without a replacement? It works fine. This serves to remind you that the extra 18 chicken wings you ate at the Super Bowl after the generous helping of 9-layer dip will require more than just a walk around the block to clear out. Like always, I’ll be sending the loaner scale back to the folks at Garmin here shortly. While the scale is wireless, it is not powerless. It’s a total mess and this is coming from a guy who lived with the buggy 405 launch, the buggy edge 510, the buggy GPS accuracy of the 620 at launch, the mess of Garmin connect “modern” launch and more. Ray there is zero integration with myfitnesspal. b. D-Link bog standard home WiFi router. If it were the case that they had a boatload of work to do to enable this then fine but that’s not the case. However things have gone from ‘shortcomings’ to ‘this thing is almost unusable’ over the past 9 months. I am testing. Have you tried contacting support though? Do you have to do that each time your weigh in? Thanks for your brilliant reviews – keep up serving the sporting community the way you do! In addition to the basic weight-BMI-body fat measuring I’m also interested in the bone and muscle mass measuring capability. They know they have a software issue but continue to sell the scale without a solution. I guess, if the product just works you don’t have the need to write in these forums. Scales like this will help you not forget to log the data which is huge for most people. The Scale would search and find nothing over and over again. And unlike those past scales, this one is all about WiFi. Get a Withings instead, that records every time you step on the scale and offers loads of ways to get your data too. Flakey wifi connection despite isolating channels etc. Do you know if Garmin is planning a refresh this year, or if they typically update devices on a schedule? The scale measures body fat (as long as you don’t set your activity level to 8 or above… then you only get 7% no matter what.) In theory with the old MapMyFitness backend, it would have worked behind the scenes (sorta, barely). So with that background, besides the coaching and training plans that are available on TPs, what else do I give up if I stop using TPs and rely solely on Garmin Connect to track my activity levels? I've been using the Garmin Connect app for about two years with a variety of devices. It does work, just as noted, not consistently. There’s honestly very little that’s changed in the scale since release. About third party integration. Note that other scales have tapped out at 8-12 users. According to Garmin, “The Garmin Index™ smart scale uses bioelectrical impedance to calculate your body composition. You can mentally pretend it didn’t happen (trust me, I’m a pro at it). Nope. There are essentially two main ways to view your data from the weight scale: From the Garmin Connect website, and from the Garmin Connect Mobile phone apps (iOS/Android/Windows Phone). Thank you. Just one question… How are you gonna get that permanent marker cleaned off your computer screen? With a connected scale, you can’t. Garmin Index S2 smart scale review: Price and competition The Garmin Index S2 is available from Garmin , Amazon , and other retailers for $149.99 in black and white colorways. I follow the instructions to the letter until they end. I’ve just replaced my Withings ws-50 with a Garmin Index. Got everything working just fine, no problems.

garmin index smart scale review

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