I personally wouldn’t bother with them though because you will want as much AP as possible. The precise workings of the mastery system are, however, beyond this BDO gathering guide. Enhancing a Bares Necklace is much cheaper than using an un-enhanced BiS necklace. This skill will give you 3 dashes of Flash Step instead of just 1, which is a lot more mobility. Usually these are not required for node wars.Other buffs you may want to collect can be found here: [link]. Set Effect: Accuracy +20Accuracy 4Damage Reduction 3, Knockdown/ Bound Resistance +30%Accuracy 4, Knockdown/ Bound Resistance +2%Accuracy 4, Knockback/ Floating Resistance +30%Accuracy 4, Knockback/ Floating Resistance +2%Accuracy 4. In some situations (such as against a Ranger or Archer in 1v1), rotating Super Armor can be useless because they will just burst you down, and Wolf’s Fang will be useful to use to block that incoming damage.Rage Hammer[SHIFT] + [Q]. This makes power l… Griffon’s Helmet (helmet) – dropped from Griffons in Kamaslyvia. Once you reach over 261 AP (with Kutum) it is better to switch back to Kutum for PVE. You should use your awakening buff just before you engage in PVP, or as often as possible when grinding for the attack speed bonus. 1.1 Q: Okay so how do I enchant items? Striker Succession can be unlocked after level 56 after speaking to the Black Spirit and completing the Succession quest under the suggestions tab. for 12 sec. Horse Training Gear & Training Exp . This skill has low damage and no protection so it is simply useless in both PVE and PVP. Keys separated by a “+” symbol should be used at the same time. Muskan’s Shoes (shoes) alternative choice– dropped from Monastery Leader.The best in slot armor for Striker is Griffon’s Helmet, Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor, Bheg’s Gloves and Urugon’s Shoes. It is available at level 61+ only but is a very good ring because of it’s high AP. The skill also has super armor on it and is an excellent skill used for chaining Super Armor. This skill is a really good skill for leveling and also very useful once you have your awakening. It takes a long time to get to this stage, and there are lots of small improvements and other accessories you will use along the way, but this is ideally your end game build for PVP. for self[Level 60] Rampaging PredatorPVP Attack +10 for 5 sec. Otherwise use Bares Necklace for 4 AP and enhance this to DUO/TRI for 8 AP/10 AP. It has super armor and healing on the skill. You will also get higher Accuracy, Evasion and Damage Reduction from these pieces. You should aim to have TRI gear before switching to this offhand. There is better blue (Geranoa) and orange grade (Manos) Life Mastery gear, but Loggia’s is much cheaper and is also the easiest to enhance. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBI05THRXYM. If you do already have liverto and have already invested into it, you will want to upgrade it to PRI or higher as soon as possible. There are many items you can obtain that will buff your Training Mastery or Life Mastery level. It isn’t mandatory and you should leave it at level 1 until you have the rest of your skill build first (including awakening). It gives a mixture of Ranged DP/Melee DP/Magic DP/All DP when you level it up, giving a total of around 8 extra DP. Otherwise use Bares Belt for 2 AP and swap to Tree Spirit Belt as soon as possible for more AP and high accuracy. Use our Season Server guide to help you learn more about Season characters. You want to try to make sure you have a minimum of 300 accuracy when using Nouver. Bheg’s Gloves (gloves) – dropped from Bheg. It makes a perfect backup for enhancing and is essentially a free TRI Tungrad Earring. More information about AP and DP brackers can be found hereYou may also want to consider starting to put Caphras stones into your gear for bonus stats to help you get to the next AP bracket. This makes is hard to obtain and it can be more expensive to repair. for selfInflicts 50 Burn Damge per 3 sec. Black Desert Database. This is a non-awakening PVP grab combo to CC and damage your enemy. for target[Level 54] Roaring TigerAttack against monsters +25 for 8 sec. You will also get higher Accuracy, Evasion and Damage Reduction from these pieces.In the mean time you should be using one of the following armor sets: A popular armor choice is to go full Grunil set because it increases your maximum HP and will give you 2 socket slots on each piece, along with extra AP +7 set bonus. for selfCritical Hit Rate +20% for 9 sec. Required skills: Crouching Wolf, Infernal Destruction. ; 1.6 Gearing Up In BDO/Black Desert Online; 1.7 Q: Can i get a TL;DR? Training Mastery Gear. This skill is particularly useful for its buffs. In addition, you may want to use Perfume of Courage (buff lost on death) and Tough Whale Tendon Elixirs. You should definately lock this skill because if you use it in PVP by accident then it can make you vulnerable.Flash Step This skill is your awakening buff (e buff), it is taken automatically and can be used every 3 minutes to give you a 30 second buff, All DP +50, Attack Speed +30% and All Resistance +30%. Basilisk’s Belt and Valtarra are very good belts but Tungrade is currently the best in slot. In addition, you may want to use Perfume of Courage (buff lost on death) and Tough Whale Tendon Elixirs. I also highly recommend looking at as many different sources as possible and gathering as much information as you can about your class before deciding what is best for you and how you play. I would recommend getting it to TRI at most and then you really want to switch to Kzarka. In my opinion, Training is the single most complicated Life Skill in the game. for 12 sec. This skill is simply not used in PVE or PVP because of its lackluster damage. The skill gives you an Attack Speed buff (+10%) for 10 seconds and a greater buff if you have 30 Martial Spirit Shards (+20%).

bdo mastery gear

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