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Stray dogs attack school children in Kashmir



Srinagar: Stray dogs on Thursday attacked half a dozen students in the city outskirts, creating panic among parents and locals, police said.

Police said a group of school children were attacked by stray dogs on the outskirts of Humhama city in Badgam district on Thursday morning.

“Stray dogs attacked six students in Humhama today morning resulting in bites and other injuries. The boys have been shifted to hospital for first aid and anti-rabies vaccination,” police said.

According to an official, Srinagar city has 50,000 stray dogs.

Last year, as per official figures, 26,000 people, mostly children were attacked by stray dogs in Srinagar city.

Officials of the state health department said nearly 2,100 cases of dog bites have been coming every month for treatment in hospitals across the Kashmir Valley during the last four years.


To bring Covid-19 test equipment CM Yogi Adityanath allow state aircraft to be used.



Looking at the corona epidemic,chief minister Yogi Adityanath has authorised the use of state aircraft for bringing medical equipment from other states to UP.

This is the first time in history of UP that a state aircraft has been used for such a purpose. In Covid-19 pandemic, with most modes of transport closed, there have been occasions when medical equipment is required urgently in the state.

Therefore the CM decided to hand over the use of the state aircraft to the health department.Before this the aircraft has already been used on two occasions and will be sent to Goa on June 9 to bring back a consignment of Truenat machine are being used for detection of Covid-19 as they are able to give the test result in one to one and a half hours. The machines are therefore being used before conducting emergency surgeries as patients need to be cleared of Covid-19 before any medical procedure,”said an official.

The CM has said that each district should have a Truenat machine.
This is the first time that the state aircraft is being used for transportation of medical equipment.The aircraft had earlier been sent to Bangalore and Goa to bring medical equipment. On June 1, the aircraft was sent to Goa to bring 21 Truenat machines.On April 7, the aircraft was sent to Bangalore to bring 150 A-star fortitude kits.

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