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Amazon will no longer offer its prime membership in India: Read more



Amazon will no longer offer monthly Prime membership in India. Moving forward, the e-commerce giant will only be offering three-month or annual Prime memberships. The Amazon Prime subscription amount begun at Rs. 129 per month, but this starting pack has been removed to adhere with new Reserve Bank of India mandate. RBI’s new guideline asks banks and financial institutions to implement an additional factor of authentication (AFA) for processing recurring online transactions. The deadline for implementation of this new mandate has been set for September 30.


Amazon has updated its support page to reflect the removal of monthly membership of Amazon Prime subscription. Additionally, since April 27, Amazon has also temporarily discontinued new member sign-ups for Amazon Prime free trial as well. At the moment, if a user is looking to buy Amazon Prime membership or renew it, they can only purchase three month or annual subscription. Three months subscription for Amazon Prime is priced at Rs. 329 and the yearly membership is priced at Rs. 999 per year.


The new RBI framework was originally announced in August 2019 and an extended deadline for banks and financial institutions has been set for September 30 this year. This deadline was extended to “prevent any inconvenience to the customers.” Gadgets 360 learnt that merchants through various industry bodies urged RBI and the government to hold the proposed system as it was believed to disrupt auto-payments of mobile, utility, and other bills and subscription charges of over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

Initially, RBI issued the framework to deploy AFA for recurring transactions worth up to Rs. 2,000 in 2019. It, however, extended that rule in December last year to transactions of up to a limit of Rs. 5,000 per transaction. Transactions above that cut-off will require an additional one-time password (OTP). RBI also warned that any further delay in ensuring complete adherence to the framework beyond the extended timeline would attract stringent supervisory action.

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Amid reduction in sales, Apple iPhone 12 mini production to be stopped permanently



Apple iPhone 12 mini arrived last year as the most affordable phone that dared to resize flagship-level phones. But it failed to perform in terms of sales, and now a report has said Apple has stopped the production of the iPhone 12 mini. The smallest phone in last year’s iPhone series brought a welcome change in the iPhone upgrade cycle, but, while some people loved the idea of a small yet powerful iPhone, most customers did not find value in it. What followed was lacklustre sales of the iPhone 12 mini, with Apple ultimately deciding that it is done with it.

That is an interesting move though, especially at a time when a huge round of rumours have unanimously pointed out there is going to be an iPhone 13 mini this year — as a successor to the iPhone 12 mini. The sales of the iPhone 12 mini were never great. In fact, Apple had previously downscaled the production of the smallest iPhone because of negligible interest in the smaller iPhone. A report by TrendForce has now claimed that the iPhone 12 mini reached “End-of-Life” status earlier this quarter because of weak sales. This means no further production of the iPhone 12 mini. This is in line with the prediction of JP Morgan analyst, William Yang who, in February, said the iPhone 12 mini production will end soon.

Apple is likely to still have a good inventory of iPhone 12 mini units that it will continue to sell across the globe, but that is it. Apple will not ask its manufacturers to replug the production roll for the iPhone 12 mini. The iPhone 12 mini is available to buy from the Apple Store, as well, in India, without any delays in shipment. And if you check other websites, such as Amazon, you will see big discounts on the iPhone 12 mini. To make sense of it, those discounts may be a way to clear the inventory, but nothing is official about it.

But the stocks are not likely to last as long as September when Apple will launch the new iPhone models. There is an iPhone 13 mini in the pipeline, according to rumours, and Apple will have to promote that phone as a priority then. This year’s iPhones will also mark the death of the production of the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the three-year-old iPhone XR, which is among the best-selling iPhone models right now. The vanilla iPhone 12 may still continue to sell, unsurprisingly, because it topped the sales charts for the iPhone 12 series altogether.

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