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After detention of 14 month former CM of J&K Mehbooba Mufti released today.



Jammu and Kashmir  Former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti was released late Tuesday night after being detained by the government for nearly 14 months – since it scrapped Article 370 in August – and being charged under the Public Safety Act (PSA) – a stringent law that allows detention and multiple extensions without trial for up to three months – in February.

Ms Mufti’s release comes just as a deadline set by the Supreme Court, which had been approached by her daughter Iltija Mufti with a habeas corpus petition, was set to expire.

In September the court questioned the centre and the J&K administration over her detention, asking them: “How long can Mehbooba Mufti be kept in custody?” The J&K administration was given two weeks to explain how long they intended to keep Ms Mufti in custody.

In July, Ms Mufti’s detention under the Public Safety Act was extended for another three months.

Minutes after Ms Mufti’s release was confirmed her daughter, Iltija Mufti, who took over her mother’s Twitter account after she was detained, tweeted: “As Ms Mufti’s illegal detention finally comes to an end, Id like to thank everybody who supported me in these tough times. I owe a debt of gratitude to you all. This is Iltija signing off. May Allah protect you”.

“There is a sense of huge relief,” Iltija Mufti told  when asked about relinquishing control of her mother’s social media account, “Twitter is a toxic place. Glad I will not be on it anymore. My mother will finally use her own Twitter handle. It felt abnormal to use hers.”

“…but a lot of young people are still languishing in jail. (The detention was a) complete travesty of justice (and) other families are still suffering,” she added.


UP :CM Yogi gifts cows to 11 families with malnourished kids.



UP CM Yogi Adityanath Said “There are more than 5 lakh cows in various cow shelters at present, and more than 65,000 cows have already been given to farmers. The festival of Gopashtami has served as an inspiration to all of us towards our responsibility towards cows”.

In one of the most unique schemes in the country, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday gifted cows to 11 families with malnourished children.

Earlier, CM Yogi Adityanath worshipped cows on the occasion of Gopashtami at Tanda Falls and also inspected the cow shelters.

The move of handing over cows to families will serve dual purpose of preserving cows as well as providing nourishment to under-nourished children.

On the occasion, Adityanath said, “Stray cows should be kept in cow shelters and then should be distributed among farmers. Every farmer rearing a stray cow should get Rs 900 per month per cow.”

“When the children of these families will get milk, their malnourishment will be eradicated. When the children are healthy, the future of the country and society is bright,” the chief minister said.

Designated as ‘Sahbhagita Yojana (co-participation scheme)’ , UP government is giving Rs 900 every month to the person who is taking care of cows.

As many as 66,257 cows have been given under the scheme out of which 1071 cows distributed among 1069 families of malnourished children.

“There are more than 5 lakh cows in various cow shelters at present and more than 65,000 cows have already been given to farmers and the festival of `Gopashtami’ has served as an inspiration to all of us towards our enhanced responsibility towards cows,” CM Yogi added.

On the occasion, CM Yogi also thanked Union Minister Gajendra Singh for being helpful in laying the foundation of Rs 5,555 crore drinking water scheme for about 2995 villages.

“I am extremely happy that our Prime Minister laid the foundation stone on the auspicious occasion of Gopashtami,” he said.

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