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Rajya Sabha: 8 Opposition MPs suspended in Farmer Bills Chaos.



Eight Opposition MPs were suspended from the Rajya Sabha for remainder of the Monsoon Session, on account of their “unruly behavior” and “grossly disordered conduct” in the House yesterday. Chair Venkaiah Naidu has suspended the following MPs after a motion moved in that direction was passed by a voice vote:

Derek O’ Brien (TMC)

Sanjay Singh (AAP)

Rajeev Satav (Congress)

KK Ragesh (CPI(M))

Syed Naseer Hussain (Congress)

Ripun Bora (Congress)

Dola Sen (AITC)

Elamaram Kareem (CPI(M))

On Sunday, the Opposition members alleged that the Farmers Bills were being passed in hasty manner . They cried foul over the passing of the Bills with a voice vote, denying their demand for a division for voting.
As alleged by MP Derek O’ Brien, several MPs had sought a Division on the Bill however, they were denied the right by the Deputy Chair, Harivansh Narayan Singh.

When the issue was taken up by Chair Venkaiah Naidu today, he alleged that the Deputy was verbally attacked, and the Division could not take place due to “disruption of the House”.

He alleged that the above named Members abused the Deputy with “objectionable words”, threw papers at him, threw a Rule book at him, wrenched his mic and obstructed him from performing his duties. Calling it a “very bad day for Rajya Sabha,” he asked the suspended Members to leave the Chambers. However, the Opposition continued to protest and since the suspended MPs refused to leave the Chambers, the house has been adjourned for some time.

It may be noted that the 47 MPs from the Opposition, including their Leader, Ghulam Nabi Azad, had moved a no confidence motion for removal of the Deputy Chair. They had alleged that the Deputy willingly denied them the right to seek Division, which forced them to enter the well and create a ruckus.

However, the Chair clarified that any such motion can be moved only with a 14 days advance notice, as per the mandate of Article 90 of the Constitution. The Chair noted that the Session is scheduled to adjourn on October 1. Thus 14 days’ notice has not been served and the motion is  “not admissible”.








Ambedkrait society gets a dedicated social media video app on 130th birth anniversary of Baba Bhim Rao Ambedakar



Lucknow: On the eve of 130th birth anniversary of Baba Bhim Rao Ambedakar, a digital social platform named ‘Baba Shots’ was launched for the entire Ambedkrait society on Wednesday.

Launched with an mission to awaken the society through entertainment and to spread the thoughts of Babasaheb to the country and the world. Baba Shots is a short video presenting app.

The producer-director Sanjiv Jaiswal, who launched the app said that now this country has its own social media platform for crores of Ambedkritis through which we will be able to spread Baba Saheb’s ideas far and wide. People who believe in Baba Saheb is spread across the world will be able to organize on one platform.” Sanjiv added.

Director Sanjiv Jaiswal has called upon the youth of Dalit society to download this app from Google Play Store in maximum number, create and share videos. Make the whole world realize your power by making Baba Shots the world’s no.1 shorts video social media app.

The app works on the line with several other social media performing apps like tik tok, MX Taka-Tak and Instagram reels.

The producer – director Sanjiv Jaiswal became recognized in the Dalit society only after the controversy that arose after the film Shudra – The Rising. Millions of the world’s Ambedkerite had supported them, then they were able to release Shudra film in the Theatres. Sanjiv Jaiswal says that this Baba Shots social media app is our loving gift to all those Ambedkritis. Those who supported us, gave us so much love and respect. Not only that, we have continuously done a lot of work on the history of Dalit society since the Shudra.

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