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Update South China Sea: China’s Sukhoi-35 fighter jet killes by Taiwan.



Taiwan Shots Down China Sukhoi 35 Fighter Jet: There are reports of a Taiwanese Chinese being killed amidst tension in the South China Sea. However, this has not been confirmed by China and Taiwan yet. The video of this moment has gone viral on social media.

There are reports of a Chinese Sukhoi 35 Fighter Jet being killed in Taiwan amid tension with Taipei China. However, none in China and Taiwan have confirmed this yet. TV reports are claiming that Taiwan has killed a Chinese Sukhoi-35 aircraft that entered its airspace. It is being told that Taiwan has used the US Patriot Missile Defense System in this attack.

It is claimed in the news that Taiwan warned Chinese aircraft several times but after that Chinese aircraft remained in Taiwan’s airspace. After this, Taiwan killed him. It is being told that the pilot has been injured in this incident. If this incident proves to be true, then both countries can face war. Let us know that China has been sending its fighter aircraft to Taiwan airspace for the last several days. Taiwan has begun preparations to further strengthen its military capability to respond vigorously to any snowfall of China. Taiwan’s Navy and Airforce are on alert to deal with any type of aggressive attitude of China. President Tsai Ing-wen has made several new announcements to further strengthen the reserve military forces to increase Taiwan’s military strength. Under which the Reserve Force will be developed as a strong backup to the Taiwanese army.


447 cases of adverse effect reported,Covid-19 vaccine given to 2,24,301 beneficiaries :Govt.



A total of 2,24,301 beneficiaries have been inoculated with COVID-19 vaccine so far, out of which only 447 adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) were reported, the Union Health Ministry said on day two of the nationwide vaccination drive on Sunday.

Addressing a press briefing, the ministry’s Additional Secretary Manohar Agnani said out of the 447 adverse events following immunisation, only three required hospitalisation.

“Today being Sunday, only six states conducted vaccination drive and in 553 sessions a total of 17,072 beneficiaries were vaccinated,” he said.

The six states where the vaccination drive was carried out on Sunday are Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Manipur and Tamil Nadu, he added.

Agnani said a total of 2,24,301 beneficiaries have been vaccinated till January 17 as per provisional reports, adding that 2,07,229 of them received the jabs on day one of the drive.

“A total of 447 AEFI have been reported on January 16 and 17, out of which only three required hospitalisation. Most of the AEFI reported so far are minor like fever, headache, nausea,” he said.

He said a meeting was held with all states and union territories on Sunday to review the progress of the drive, identify bottlenecks and plan corrective actions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi rolled out the world’s largest inoculation drive against COVID-19 on Saturday and said the two vaccines being deployed will ensure a “decisive victory” for India against the pandemic.

India has approved two vaccines—Covaxin developed by Bharat Biotech and Covishield from the Oxford/AstraZeneca stable being manufactured by the Serum Institute of India—for emergency use in the country.

According to the government, the shots will be offered first to an estimated one crore healthcare workers and around two coror frontline workers, and then to persons above 50 years of age, followed by persons younger than 50 years of age with associated comorbidities. PTI

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