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The minor who murdered mother and brother in Lucknow got permission to stay at home



The minor girl who murdered her mother and daughter in Lucknow’s Gautampalli has got permission to stay at home. She has arrived at home with her father. Police said the court said that he would be kept under KGMU under medical supervision during the detention period.

The girl’s father had given an application requesting that she be allowed to stay in the house while in custody as she is mentally disturbed and needs emotional support.

The police officer said, as a result of the demand for custody, we also told the magistrate that since the case falls in the rarest category, the police has no objection to the court considering the father’s request on humanitarian grounds. The girl was also taken to KGMU for investigation by a child psychiatrist.

Significantly, the girl allegedly shot her 47-year-old mother and 17-year-old brother with a .22 bore pistol while they were sleeping, killing them on the spot. The incident took place on Saturday.


Use Whatsapp on your Apple Watch: Read Instructions



With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform. The impact of WhatsApp is so profound on lives that it’s the first thing we look at in the morning and last thing at night. While WhatsApp is available on every smartphone platform, there isn’t an official WhatsApp app on the Apple Watch. The good news is there is a workaround for this if you download WatchChat 2 a third-party app that lets you use WhatsApp on the Apple Watch without any hassles.  Here’s the guide to getting started and using WhatsApp on Apple Watch.

What is WatchChat 2: for WhatsAp‪p?

Although you can receive WhatsApp messenger notifications on your Apple Watch, the method is restrictive. That’s where WatchChat 2: for WhatsAp‪p comes in. The app allows you to directly chat with friends and family directly from the watch. You can view all your chats, including group chats, listen to voice messages and even view pictures sent on WhatsApp. The best thing about this third-party app is that you can reply using a keyboard, quick replies, dictation, and Scribble. Keep in mind that this isn’t a free app , though you get to use it for free for the first three days after that you have to pay Rs 269 a year.

How it works

The WatchChat 2: for WhatsAp‪p app works exactly like WhatsApp for Web. First, you need to download and install the app on your iPhone. The next immediate step is to launch the app on your Apple Watch. Upon launching the app, you should see a QR code and some instructions on the Apple Watch screen. If you don’t see the code, wait for 10-40 seconds, and then tap on ‘Retry’. Go to WhatsApp on your iPhone, click “Settings” and then “Whatsapp Web/Desktop. You’ll then see an option called “Scan QR Code. WhatsApp instantly loads and you can continue your conversations on a small screen.

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