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Working women are unable to take care of their beauty due to short time, let’s know some beauty tips for them



Most working women do not get time to dress properly, which affects their makeup. Products like dry shampoo and petroleum jelly can make the life of working women easier.

These suggestions are given regarding the attractive appearance of working women:

* If you do not have time to shampoo and you have to go to a party after work, then you can use dry shampoo, If it is in the form of a spray, then comb it by spraying it on the roots of the hair and it will remove the dirt and oilyness of the hair and after washing the hair in the morning if you do not have time to use a hair dryer then use towels. And tie it with cotton T-shirt.

The cotton T-shirt will absorb the moisture of the hair immediately and leave a natural moisturizer in the hair, which will maintain the natural curl. You can also use serum.

* Due to busyness, if you are not able to go to the salon for manicure and pedicure, then apply petroleum jelly on the hands and feet before sleeping at night. Put on feet and wear socks. It creates a natural moisturizer in the skin.

* After coming from the party late at night, one can hardly get any sleep and on going to office in the morning, your face may look sad and lifeless. Apply a skin or white colored pencil to the lower edge of the eyes and then apply liner to the eyes.

* Working women can keep banana bands or funky accessories with them to go to the party after office. It will be easy for them to style the front puff (front end) hair. If you want, you can also make hyponitals with puff.

* Sometimes you feel like applying lipstick of a particular shade but if you do not have it at that time, then you apply moisturizer or jelly of good company on the lips and then the color of lipstick that you wanted to apply on it Apply eyeshadow.

* Do not forget to spray rose water to retain moisture and shine in the facial skin.

* To brighten the eyelash, take a lint of cotton and put some baby powder on it and after applying the mascara, apply it on the eyelashes with light hands and then apply mascara again, it will make your eyes look very beautiful.





Corona cases increasing, government advises all states and UTs to take precautions




Corona cases are increasing once again in the country; keeping in mind the government has become cautious. Along with the constant precaution, Corona guidelines are also being emphasized. In this context, Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla has written a letter to states and union territories to extend the Corona Guidelines by 31 March. In this letter, all the states said that to remove the epidemic completely, caution and strict monitoring needs to be maintained.

Urging the authorities to ensure compliance with the guidelines issued for the corona epidemic, Bhalla said that all activities have been permitted following the standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued by the concerned administrative ministry and department. He further reiterated that there would be no restriction on persons and goods for trade along the borders of neighboring countries.

The official said, ‘As you know, the number of active and new cases in the country has come down drastically in the last few months. However, to remove the epidemic completely, caution and strict monitoring are required to be maintained. ‘

For the past several days, cases are increasing in Maharashtra located in the country. The state government is also cautious about this. Instructions have also been given to show the Corona Negative Report to the people arriving there. This state is the most infected in the country. At the same time, India remains the second-most infected country in the world, whereas the first-ranked country is the United States.

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