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If you are unable to do makeup in a hurry, then follow these beauty tips, you will be ready immediately



In this run-of-the-mill life, women do not get time to do makeup while going to office or any function.

In such a situation, women forget about many things during their hasty make-up, which affects their personality.

But today we will tell you about some such emergency beauty tricks, which will help to show you the perfect in minutes.

If you are too late to go to office in the morning then do not forget to follow these tricks –

Drying of Nail Paint –

The biggest problem when going to the office, party or function is to dry the nail paint. In this case, to get rid of the problem, after applying nail paint, immerse the hands in cold water for 2-3 minutes. Your nail paint will dry.

Pimples –

If the pimples have appeared on your face before going to the party or function, do not worry. To get rid of these stubborn pimples, apply OTC hydrocortisone cream with q-tip to the pimple.

Forgot to apply sunscreen – If you forget to apply sunscreen in the early morning hours, keep sunscreen wipes with you for emergency. With this, you can easily clean your skin and give them protection. So keep the hand wipes in your handbag.

Swollen eyes –

It is common to see swollen eyes after waking up in the morning, but in many cases this swelling does not go away even after washing the face. In such a situation, heat 1 bag of green tea for 20-30 seconds and put it in water and keep it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Then keep them on the eyes for 5 minutes. This will remove the problem of swollen eyes.

Dress sticking –

Sometimes the dress or kurta starts sticking to the body which looks very strange and bad. To remove this problem, sprinkle some water wherever the dress is sticking.

Lipstick Breakdown – Don’t worry if your favorite lipstick is broken. Heat the portion of lipstick left in the tube with a lighter, and place the broken piece on it and press it lightly. After this, keep it in the fridge for 15-30 minutes. Your lipstick will reconnect.

Applying lipstick on teeth –

Whenever you apply dark lipstick, you are worried that it will not be applied on the teeth. To avoid this, after applying lipstick, put your finger in the mouth in such a way that the lips touch all around it. In this way, the extra lipstick that is applied to your teeth will come on the finger.

Applied too much mascara –

applying more mascara to the eyes makes the eyelids stick. If you clean it now, all the makeup will be spoiled, so what to do? To overcome this problem, spread the eyelash with a toothpick. This trick will normalize your eyelashes.

Redness of Pimple –

To remove the redness of Pimple, take an eye drop in a cotton ball and apply it on the red spot. After this, apply foundation and concealer on it. This will not show the pimple’s roadiness on your face.

Dal Nails –

If your nails look dull, then sprinkle a little hairspray on it. This will make your nails shine and give them a fresh look.


Bollywood actor Bipasha Basu shares her hair hack




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Actress Bipasha Basu relies on natural homemade remedies to keep her hair healthy. On Saturday, she took to her Instagram account and shared her hair hack of using onion juice.

“Onion Juice!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she captioned a video that shows her applying onion juice to her scalp, tagging it with #loveyourself, #bbbeautyhacks and #healthyhair.

Fans thanked Bipasha for sharing her beauty secret. “Wow. I will also apply now,” a user commented.

“It feels good to see celebrities like you believing in the power of home-made products,” another one wrote.

Bipasha recently shared screen space with her husband Karan Singh Grover in the thriller series, “Dangerous”.

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