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Consuming more antibiotics may be dangerous for health, Be careful



Nowadays, people have started to use antibiotics more and more. Antibiotics have become the most used medicine and because it provides immediate relief, antibiotics are also used a lot.

Many doctors prescribe antibiotics even if not necessary. Overall, the use of antibiotics is being misused rather than used worldwide.

First of all you should know that antibiotics are very effective medicine, but it does not cure every disease. Be sure to keep these things in mind with antibiotics.

Antibiotics are beneficial only for diseases caused by bacterial infections. It does not give any benefit in viral diseases like colds, flu, bronchitis, throat infection etc.

Some viral diseases mostly get cured on their own. The immunity ability of our body can deal with these viral diseases on its own.

Therefore, we should try to increase our resistance. Yes, taking antibiotics is often necessary in health problems caused by bacterial infections.

Antibiotics should be used only when needed and when the doctor has prescribed, otherwise it will happen that when you really need antibiotics, the effect will disappear.

All antibiotics are not eliminated by taking antibiotics and those that are left become stronger. It is not possible to kill these bacteria with that antibiotics. These are called antibiotic resistant bacteria.

These antibiotic resistant bacteria cause more prolonged and serious diseases and to fight these diseases more powerful antibiotics are required which have more side effects.

These antibiotic resistant bacteria spread very quickly and make your family members, children and those who work with you also prey.

Antibiotics do not differentiate between unhealthy and healthy bacteria, which is why they kill unhealthy bacteria as well as healthy bacteria.


Spectacular KungFu skills displayed by participants on World KungFu Day



The birth anniversary of father of  Art of Self-Defense Bodhidharma, was celebrated in various states of the country as International Bodhi Day. On this occasion, the players of Kung Fu performed a surprise English performance of different genres of Kung Fu and amazed the audience with their outstsnding performance. On this occasion, the Indian Kung Fu Federation presented a cheque of one lakh rupees to the oldest kung fu master of the country and the state of Manipur, Jaswanta Singh for his Life Time Achievement.

It is notable that on December 19, 2020, the 31st anniversary celebrations of the Dragon Academy of Martial Arts and the birth anniversary celebrations of Bodhidharma, the founder of the art of self-defense, Kung Fu, was celebrated with great pomp and show. In which various birthday girls of Dragon Academy of Martial Arts, Kung Fu players celebrated the birthday celebrations of Bodhidharma, the founder of Kung Fu Khel, as “World Kungfu Day” in the Bodhi auditorium of the institute and the 31st anniversary celebration of the institute with joy and hapiness.

Dr. Sudhir Kumar Bobde, IAS, President of the Kungfu Federation of India, presided as the Chief Guest of this program. Addressing the program, he said that during this period of Corona period, Kung Fu is making all the big and small citizens healthy. Kung fu is a panacea for fitness. Along with this, Kung Fu is also preparing a healthy nation and disciplined citizens. This is a true service to the nation.

Gyan Prakash Tripathi, founder and international Kung Fu coach of Dragon Academy of Martial Arts, said that it is a matter of great pride that the birthday of Bodhi Dharma, the father of Kung Fu, was celebrated on the 31st Foundation Day of the Dragon Academy of Martial Arts. In the last 31 years, this academy has prepared thousands of national and international players and has brought laurels to the country. Kung fu is a lifestyle. This is where a kung fu player stays healthy, he faces his combative attitude under any circumstances.On this occasion, distinguished players from various Kungfu were honored.

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