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Cases of corona infection may increase when temperatures drop in monsoon and cold



Corona cases in India appear to be increasing. At present, there is no chance of getting relief for the coming 6 -8 months from this.

The cases of rainy corona will increase. Also, there is no hope of getting relief from it even in winter.

Corona cases will accelerate even in winter. Actually, it has been done jointly by researchers from IIT-Bhubaneswar and AIIMS.

Researchers report that cases of corona infection may increase when temperatures fall in the monsoon and cold.

The study, conducted by IIT-Bhubaneswar assistant professor of School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences, V Vinoj, has shown that cases of covid infection may increase in rain and cold weather.

Because this weather is favorable for viruses. The report titled ‘Dependence on the temperature and relative humidity of corona prevalence in India’ takes into account the number of cases of corona virus outbreaks and infections in 28 states between April and June.

Professor V Vinoj told that during research it was found that when the temperature increases, the spread of the virus declines. According to the study, there is a decrease of 0.99 percent in cases of corona infection when temperature rises by one degree Celsius. This increases the time for doubling of cases to 1.13 days.

The study also found that an increase in relative humidity reduces the growth rate of corona virus cases and increases the doubling time to 1.18 days.

Dr. Bijayini Behera of the Department of Microbiology of AIIMS Bhubaneswar, who was part of the research team, said that several studies have shown that the spread of infection is more when the temperature is reduced and the humidity is relatively low. Temperature and humidity have contributed to the spread of the epidemic.


Covid second wave: Six states report surge in new Corona cases



Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat have shown a surge in new Covid-19 cases contributing to 87.25 per cent of 15,510 fresh infections reported in a day, pushing India’s tally to 1,11,12,241 on Monday, while 106 fatalities mounted the death toll to 1,57,157 the Union Health Ministry said.

India’s total number of active Covid-19 cases was recorded at1,68,627, comprising 1.52 per cent of the total infections, the ministry said highlighting five states that account for 84 per cent of the total active cases in the country.

Maharashtra alone accounts for 46.39 per cent of India’s total active cases, followed by Kerala with 29.49 per cent.

The positivity rate too has been rising gradually, pushing it to 1.52 per cent. As per the Ministry’s data, there are 1,68,627 active cases at present after 11,288 patients were discharged in a day.

The experts have expressed a number of possibilities which could be due to lax attitude of people towards following Covid protocols to “mutations and new strains” causing the surge, sources in the health ministry said.

This trend is alarming as in mid February the average daily new infections oscillated between 9,000 to 12,000 while the deaths were between 78 to 120.

Delhi adds 175 cases, 1 death:Delhi today recorded 175 new coronavirus infections and one fatality, even as the positivity rate rose to 0.44 per cent, according to the Delhi government’s latest health bulletin. The city’s Covid toll climbed to 10,911, the health bulletin said.

The new cases took its coronavirus infection tally to 6,39,464. These cases came out of 39,733 tests conducted the previous day.

The active Covid cases in the national capital rose to 1,404 from 1,335 the previous day, according to the bulletin.

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