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You can earn lakhs from cow dung, start this business



A lot of things are made from cow dung. But do you know that you can also earn from cow dung. The business of making paper from cow dung can be done, so that you can earn millions in work cost also.

The government has also successfully tested making paper from cow dung. Planning is being made to set up such plants all over the country under the MSME Ministry. Patchwork of paper with dung is used to make paper.

Carry bag from cow dung

The method of preparing paper from cow dung is described in the National Handmade Paper Institute. Handmade paper is being made from cow dung. The quality of this paper is quite good. Carry bags can also be made from cow dung.

Employs 10 to 12 people

If you want to join this scheme, then the government is also giving loan and subsidy for the plant to make paper from cow dung. You can plant from 5 lakh to 25 lakh. These paper handmade will be prepared so that many people will also get employment in every plant. If a plant is put in 15 lakhs, then about 10 to 12 people will get employment in it.

Vegetable dye is also used

Vegetable dye can also be used to prepare paper from cow dung. Only 7 percent of the material is made from cow dung to make paper. The remaining 93 percent is used to make vegetable dye. Vegetable dyes are environmentally friendly. It can also be exported.

Additional earning up to Rs 50

Farmers can benefit greatly from this scheme. The government has to buy cow dung from the farmers at the rate of 5 rupees per kilogram for preparing paper and visible dye.

An animal can receive 8–10 kg of cow dung in a day. Farmers can regularly earn an additional up to 50 rupees from their cattle.

About 1 lakh paper bags in a month

The government is giving loans to build such plants. It will cost about 15 lakh rupees to set up a paper making plant from cow dung. About 1 lakh paper bags can be produced in a month from a plant.


ICICI Bank sets up presence in Nepal



ICICI bank, apex consumer commission, Rs two lakh, ATM fraud, Business news

Lending major ICICI Bank on Thursday launched its operations in Nepal, via a representative office, to become the first Indian private sector bank to set up its presence in the country.

The bank opened a representative office in Kathmandu which will closely work with the domestic banks in Nepal to facilitate investment, trade, payments and treasury business between the two countries.

According to the bank, the current foray has expanded its global footprint to 15 countries including India.

“India and Nepal have significant trade and investment links between them. We believe that ICICI Bank’s on-ground presence through the new representative office coupled with its strong business partnerships with banks in Nepal, will help us further our participation in the economic flows between the two countries,” said Sriram H. Iyer, Head – International Banking Group, ICICI Bank.

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