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Forex reserve touched new height,reach on max $513.25 billion.



The country’s foreign exchange reserves reached an all-time high of $ 513.25 billion during the week ended July 3, with a major increase of $ 6.47 billion. This information has been given in the latest data of the Reserve Bank of India.

Earlier, the country’s foreign exchange reserves had increased by $ 1.27 billion to $ 506.84 billion in the week ended 26 June. For the first time in the week ended June 5, the country’s foreign exchange reserves had gone above the $ 500 billion level. At that time it reached $ 501.70 billion with a strong increase of $ 8.22 billion.

The rise in foreign exchange reserves in the week ended July 3 is due to increase in foreign currency assets, a significant part of the total reserves. According to Reserve Bank data, foreign currency assets increased by $ 5.66 billion to $ 473.26 billion in the week under review. According to the Reserve Bank, gold reserves rose by $ 495 million to $ 34.02 billion in the week under review.

The Reserve Bank data showed that the special drawing rights in the International Monetary Fund increased by $ 4 million to $ 1.45 billion in the week under review, while the country’s reserve currency reserves in the IMF increased by $ 259 million to $ 4.52 billion.


Every person working in this company earns 50 lakh rupees annually




In today’s time, every person wants to get good income for whatever work he does. May that life be a life of comfort. Have fun and stay entertained.

* Every person’s annual income is Rs 50 lakhs

But do you know that there is also a company where every person working on it has an annual income of Rs 50 lakhs. Yes you heard it right This is a company where the boss of this company reduced his income and raised his income to Rs 50 lakh per annum for every man working in his company.

* The gambling he played five years ago was beneficial

It was in 2015 when the boss of a card payments company in the Australian city of Seattle set a minimum salary of 70 thousand dollars, or about 50 lakh rupees, for his 120 employees. To do this, the company’s boss had reduced his income from one million dollars, or about seven crores. It has been five years now and this man is still taking a low salary. The man named Dan Price says that the gambling he played five years ago was beneficial.

* Valerie tells him how his life has remained

Actually Dan was taking a trip to the mountains near Seattle with his friend Valerie. Then his friend told such a thing that he got upset. On the go, Valerie tells him how his life has remained a pang. His landlord has increased the rent by $ 200 and is not able to meet the daily expenses.

* How much contrast in the world

Price says, “She is such that service, respect and hard work define her personality.” Valerie was earning 40 thousand dollars, or about 29 lakh rupees every year, but she could not get a house of her own in Seattle. She was Price was unhappy at how odd the world was. Suddenly he realized that he himself is part of the same problem. Price became a millionaire at the age of 31. His company Gravity Payments has around 2000 customers and is valued at millions of dollars. He created this company when he was a teenager.

* Decided to change the situation

Price was earning $ 1.1 million (about eight crore rupees) a year, but his friend Valerie realized that his staff would also be struggling. He decided to change these circumstances. Dan Price is very positive and polite, but he is one of the most powerful voices in the United States to rise against inequality.

* Society, greed in its culture

He says, “People are struggling with hunger, being fired from jobs or facing exploitation. Just so that one can find a luxurious apartment in a high tower in New York, where he can rest on a sleeping chair. We are promoting greed in our society, our culture.

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