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Give up using these things, otherwise you will be victim of dangerous disease



It is well known all over the world that cancer is a very dangerous disease. In this disease, uncontrolled division of cells of any part of the body starts, due to which there is very little chance of the person escaping.

Millions of people die every year due to this disease. It is believed that cancer is caused only by the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco, but it is not so.

Yes, it is not necessary that cancer is caused by alcohol and smoking. Actually many such things happen in our house.

Due to which there is a risk of this disease. People use many things in their homes that double the risk of cancer.

Know about the things that increase the risk of cancer

The practice of drinking carbonated drinks

Nowadays the trend of drinking carbonated drinks has increased considerably. Especially people like to drink it in summer. High-fructose corn syrup, a variety of chemicals and colors are added to these drinks which can increase cancer cells. Hence the consumption of carbonated drinks can cause major problems.

Excess intake of potato chips and french fry


Nowadays, most people like to eat potato chips but it has the most calories and fat. Potato chips and French fries prepared in the market contain an element called acrylamide which can be dangerous for our health.

Microwave Heated Popcorn

People like to eat popcorn while watching a favorite show on film or TV. But do you know that popcorn heated in a microwave can cause a dangerous disease like cancer because when a packet of popcorn is heated in the microwave it leaves harmful chemicals that get into the popcorn. Eating this risk of fatal disease like lung cancer.

Use of plastic goods

In most of the homes, plastic items are used extensively. Many types of chemical are used to make plastic. Some of these are chemical which are very harmful for the body. Chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA) is also one of these chemicals that is used in making plastics. This dangerous chemical affects the immune system and hormones reaching the body.

Vegetable or refined oil intake

Vegetable or refined oil is made from hydrogen and several chemical reactions that make the oil last longer. Also, a chemical named hexanol is used to remove acid and odor to refine the oil. Consumption of these oils can cause fatal problems like heart disease and cancer.


Remove negative energy from home, do this remedy




It is believed that the same house in which we live also has negative energy, which is not true at all.

Therefore it is important that we remove or destroy negative energy from our home.

There are some measures that can destroy the negative energy in our house. The rules which are as follows –

* Keep your house, house roof and places around the house clean.

* In the morning and evening lights of the house should be lit by lighting fumes in every corner of the house.

* Spray Ganga water at important places, secluded places and corners of the house. Open the window in the east direction of the house and allow fresh air to come.

* Make a fresh start with positive energy. According to Vastushastra, make windows in the east direction of the house.

* Decide yourself mentally that you are going to do all this to overcome negative energy.

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