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Dodging UP police,After all Gangster Vikas Dubey arrested from Ujjain Mahakal Mandir today morning.



Vikas Dubey, the biggest most wanted history sheeter in UP and the killer of eight policemen in Kanpur, has been arrested from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh.It is a matter of great surprise that by dodging the police in Faridabad, Haryana, the absconding mafia development reached Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh about eight hundred kilometers away.What could be more embarrassing for khaki and agencies, while the country’s intelligence agency IB was behind the development. Perhaps this is called the game of thief police.

Vikas Dubey’s arrogance did not diminish even after being caught by the police. When the police caught him and started to sit in the car, he also showed his arrogance. Iqbal of the police of Uttar Pradesh, the country’s largest state, was drowned in development, first in Kanpur and then in Ujjain by surrendering the right honor.According to the priest of Mahakal temple, Vikas Dubey wanted to surrender himself due to fear of encounter. After reaching the temple premises around 4 am, Vikas Dubey shouted and said that he is Vikas Dubey. It is clear that this mafia had done very well to see Lord Mahakal.

The security of Ujjain’s Mahakal temple has also come under the scanner due to going inside the most sensitive temple of Mafia like Vikas, even if Madhya Pradesh Police does not pat any number of its back on the arrest of Vikas.Vikas asked the security personnel of Mahakal temple to inform the police. After that information was given to the police post of Mahakal temple. For the development of darshan, it was necessary to get a receipt of Rs 250 and entered the temple.

The latest development is that two more colleagues of Vikas Dubey, Prabhat Mishra and Boua Dubey, in the police encounter on Thursday morning The Kanpur police team was killed and was coming to Kanpur with Dubey’s special Prabhat Mishra on transit remand,Meanwhile, on the way, Prabhat tried to escape by snatching the police pistol, during which he also fired on the police. When the police also fired, Prabhat was injured, the doctors in the hospital declared him dead.

At the same time, another development partner, Baua Dubey, has also been killed in Etawah. Well, the most wanted incident of Kanpur’s biggest scandal has gone up in the hands of the police, but Vikas was in contact with the influential leaders and officers who were giving information about every movement of the police to Vikas.

The news may also come that while bringing development from Ujjain to UP, it may not run away or the encounter of Mafia Vikas Dubey like the rest of the companions. Right now development agencies are bringing UP.

Report By Manish Shrivastava


High rain alert in Mumbai, 34 roads have been completely closed




People have been upset due to rain in Mumbai. Due to continuous rains on Wednesday, many areas were flooded, disrupting traffic.

The situation in Mumbai is that in just 12 hours, the Colaba area of ​​Mumbai got so much rain as it had not in 46 years.

On Thursday, there is an alert of strong rains in Mumbai and strong winds have been said.

Due to rain, 9 state highways, while 34 roads have been completely closed due to rain in Kolhapur.

Also, about thirty trees have fallen together in Churchgate area, due to which the road has been completely blocked. Removal of these is going on by BMC.

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