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Keep this in mind when making connections to prevent unwanted pregnancy



Today’s youth are very desperate to make a relationship as soon as they come into relationship. But due to fear of unwanted pregnancy, most women remain worried even after marriage that the married life will end after pregnancy. Women also fear that their careers will end once they become mothers.

In such a situation, women are also afraid of sexual intercourse. For this reason, many times there is a lot of aggression in the married life. Today we tell you some tips to make Saif a physical relationship.

When you have sex with your partner, create such a position that the woman is above her male partner because the danger of becoming a mother in this position is averted to a great extent.
In such a position, the sperm will flow downward, which will soon flow out and reduce the risk of becoming a mother.

One such position is the lotus in which both women and men are close to each other. In this, the woman has sexual intercourse by sitting on the male’s lap. The danger of becoming a mother is also largely avoided in this position.


Careful! Are you consuming these things at night?




If you do not sleep at night, if you are tired by changing the movement, then you understand that there is something black in your food.

Say these foods by-by-

Drinking alcoholic beverages, caffeine and too much spicy should be avoided before sleeping at night. If you are also consuming these things then try to make a difference of two to four hours between the consumption of these things and your sleep.

Drinking coffee causes sleeplessness. If you drink a strong cup of coffee, then you can sleep for 2 hours.

Cornflakes have high amounts of sugar. If you eat it at night, it will not make you sleepy. Due to which you may have many problems including headache.

If you eat ice cream before bedtime, the sugar in it can increase the sugar level of your body and can also drop suddenly. If ice cream is mixed with caffeine, you may sleep.


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