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Amidst Corona crisis, government took a big decision for the welfare of poor



Keeping in mind the adverse circumstances of Corona, about 9.84 lakh new general NFSA ration cards have been created in UP so far.

Also, 32 lakh units were added to old cards so that laborers / NREGA laborers and other other needy can get ration. All are being provided immediate ration on new ration cards.

The normal distribution date under NFSA will be from 05 July to 14 July, wherein all eligible beneficiaries will be given Rs 2 per kg wheat and Rs 3 per kg rice at 5 kg per unit ration on PHH card and 35 kg ration (20 kg wheat + 15 kg rice) will be distributed per Antyodaya card.

After this distribution cycle, there will be free distribution under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana.


Remove negative energy from home, do this remedy




It is believed that the same house in which we live also has negative energy, which is not true at all.

Therefore it is important that we remove or destroy negative energy from our home.

There are some measures that can destroy the negative energy in our house. The rules which are as follows –

* Keep your house, house roof and places around the house clean.

* In the morning and evening lights of the house should be lit by lighting fumes in every corner of the house.

* Spray Ganga water at important places, secluded places and corners of the house. Open the window in the east direction of the house and allow fresh air to come.

* Make a fresh start with positive energy. According to Vastushastra, make windows in the east direction of the house.

* Decide yourself mentally that you are going to do all this to overcome negative energy.

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