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If you are addicted to oral sex, this serious disease may occur



Sex relation is a relation which is very important in everyone’s life. There are many uses by people in their sex life. One of the uses of sex is also oral sex. There are also many people who like oral sex very much.

But do you know that oral sex can cause such a serious disease that no one can think of. Yes, the World Health Organization says that oral sex can lead to dangerous ‘gonorrhea’. Ganorrhea is a disease spread by having unprotected sex. Yes, oral sex can cause many diseases. We are going to tell you about this.

– WHO also warns that it is very difficult to treat if you are prone to ganorrhea. It is also incurable in many cases.

– Having oral sex spreads the infection of genitals, anus and throat from Ganorrhea disease. In most cases Ganorrhea begins with a throat infection. In some cases it is also spread through unprotected sex.

– The disease is a bacterium known as Nigeria ganorrhea. This infection is spread by unprotected vaginal, anal and oral sex. Among those infected, one in 10 is heterosexual male and 75% are female and gay male.

– It is not easy to recognize its symptoms. Its symptoms include green and yellow discharge from the genitals. In addition, this disease is identified by pain during urination and blood during periods.


Stop feeling insecure and love yourself : Experts




If you do not like to praise your own things then how will you keep the other happy, if you cannot worry about yourself then how will you care about the other. This is not just a question, but a self-analysis.

Experts also believe that the first love of any human being should be himself, after this he can love someone else.

First you become your own emotional support, then you will be able to become someone else’s support.

As long as you do not love yourself, you are bound somewhere, you do not see what you actually are. How can anyone love such people?

– If you do not love yourself, then your confidence also staggers. It is better to avoid other people from such people and stop giving importance to their words.

– If you cannot love yourself, then you are never able to accept that you are a great partner, as a result of this, your partner gets separated from you despite your millions of efforts.

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