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Delhi overtook Mumbai, Fast growing corona cases



Corona infection has spread more than Mumbai in Delhi. The number of corona patients in Delhi has reached 70 thousand, while the death toll from the virus is 2365.

There are 70390 cases of corona recorded in Delhi. At the same time, there are 69528 cases in Mumbai.

According to the data released on Wednesday, 3788 new cases were reported in Delhi in the last 24 hours and 64 patients died.

In Mumbai, the number of corona patients is 69528, 3964 people have died.


COVID-19 UPDATE : 18 lakh corona cases in India and 38,938 people have died




Corona’s speed is not taking the name of being low in the whole world. The number of corona infections has crossed 18.8 crore in the world.

The number of people who died of corona in the world has reached about 7 lakhs.

In India, 52,972 new patients of Corona have been exposed in 24 hours. While 803 people died.

The total number of patients in the country has now crossed 18 lakhs while 38,938 people have died.


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